How to create an account

Hey Iceland Marketplace - How to create an account

The first step in creating your account is to receive a welcome e-mail from Hey Iceland. Please contact Hey Iceland if you would like to get access to the Hey Iceland Marketplace.

When you've received the welcome e-mail, click Register to open the site where you can set up your account.


Please fill out your information:

  1. Fill in the company name.
  2. E-mail (username), fill in the e-mail address that received the welcome e-mail from Hey Iceland. That is the address that is connected to your account. The e-mail address for the account can be changed after the account has been activated. Please note that after a account has been created for the travel agency, users can be added to the account.
  3. Insert the full name of the company.
  4. Select your country from the dropdown list.
  5. Insert the company’s telephone number.
  6. Please read the disclaimer, terms and conditions and policies before checking the box.
  7. Check the box to confirm that you are not a robot.
  8. Click Register.


When you have filled out your information and clicked Register, you will receive an activation email. To activate your account, click Activate.


This will take you to the Hey Iceland Marketplace where you will set your password. Type in a password in both fields and click Activate.


Now you can log in on with your email address and the password that you created.

Please see our Privacy policy.