How to book accommodation

Hey Iceland Marketplace - How to book accommodation

To book accommodation you start by clicking Search on the left side banner.


If you are searching for accommodation in a particular area, you can zoom in on that area on the map to the right and then fill in the Check-in / Check-out dates.

You can also search by a certain landmark e.g., Akureyri, or search for a specific hotel/guesthouse, by inserting the name in the Search field.

If searching for more than one room, update the number of rooms in the search criteria. It is optional to define the number of guests. 

A list of the properties that match your search criteria will be displayed on the site. Please note that if you have defined the number of guests by entering a value in the Guest field, the search result will only display rooms that accept at least the defined number of guests. 

To create a booking, you start by clicking the Add button in the bottom right corner of the property you want to book.


A list opens where you can see all the room types that are set up at the property, along with the number of currently available rooms. At the top of the list, you need to fill in the Booking name for the reservation, the booking name should be the name of the traveller. Please enter both first and last name. You can also fill out a voucher number, e.g., your agency’s booking ID, and the country the traveller is from.

Click on the room types you want to book to expand the view for those room types. In the expanded view you can choose how many rooms you want to book and for how many persons each room should be booked. On the screenshot below you would be asking for two double rooms for two persons and one double room with an extra bed for three persons. Breakfast can be optional, please select breakfast if you wish to book it.

You can then both add room notes and reservation notes.


In the bottom left corner of the image above, there is a toggle Instant, if it is green, it means that this booking will immediately go through to the booking system of the hotel.

Click Add and confirm to send in the request to book the selected room/rooms and immediately complete the booking. When you click Add and confirm, you will see the message Booking confirmed at the bottom of the page when the booking has been confirmed. You will also receive an email notification of the booking you just made.

The property will get a notification regarding the booking.


Click Add if you want to add the rooms to your cart and continue to look for accommodation on other dates before completing the booking. For further instructions see How to book multiple properties in a single booking.

Please note that rooms that have been added to the cart are neither reserved nor booked and therefore the availability might change.


If you want to fill out the names of the guests in each room, it is possible to do so either during the booking process or after a booking has been made.

Open the Name list to see a list of all the rooms booked in a booking. Fill out the names of the guests in each room by typing in the name or pasting them from any spreadsheet. If you paste them from a spreadsheet the names will appear in the same order as in the spreadsheet.

New booking:



Existing booking:



Note that cancellation policies can differ between accommodations. For further instructions on how to view each accommodations cancellation policy, please see View accommodation pricelist and cancellation policy. 

Please see our Privacy policy.