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We at Hey Iceland are your local travel agents. We know everything there is to know about Iceland, where to stay, what to do, not-to-be-missed experiences, and local services not known by many travellers. We believe that we are your best option when planning a trip to our beautiful country.

We offer a wide range of truly unforgettable tours and a network of carefully selected accommodations in scenic locations around Iceland. Whether it is for groups, friends, family or special interests tours, we will show you the highlights and hidden gems of Iceland, the history of its people and their hospitality!

Visit in summer for adventures under the midnight sun or in winter to admire a frozen landscape under the northern lights – enjoying traditional Icelandic hospitality at your countryside accommodation along the way. Let us enhance your experience; introduce you to the country and its people; reveal to you the hidden gems and treasures of our country.

Browse our selection of self-drive and guided tours, activities and accommodation and book online today or contact us for an authentic and memorable holiday filled with traditional Icelandic hospitality!

Local business

Hey Iceland is an Icelandic travel agency, and by choosing Hey Iceland, you are supporting local business and making a positive contribution to rural communities in Iceland. The travel agency was founded by farmers in 1980, the Icelandic Farm Holidays Association, and is still majority-owned by the farmers themselves, meaning that profits stay local.

Hey Iceland – a sign of quality and Icelandic hospitality

Hey, the Icelandic word for hay. has a clear reference to the countryside and the company’s roots that we are so proud of. But Hey is also a friendly, international greeting; the perfect way to welcome people from all over the world to experience the wonders of Iceland.

Most of Hey Iceland´s accommodations can be easily identified by our green flags, logo on road signs or window stickers either by the road or at the entrance.

Sustainability & Quality

We are active in participating in the development of Iceland’s tourism industry and always seeking ways to improve the impact we have on our surroundings, but sustainability, quality, ethics, and safety are our guiding light. 

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Hey Iceland is a brand under the company name Ferðaþjónusta bænda hf.
Ferðaþjónusta bænda hf.
Síðumúli 2, 2. hæð
108 Reykjavík, Iceland.
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Ferðaþjónusta bænda hf. holds a valid travel agency license from the Ministry of Culture and Business Affairs, which also oversees its operations.

Ferðaþjónusta bænda hf. is a member of the Icelandic Travel Industry Association (SAF).


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