The Remarkable Benefits of Wellness Travel in Iceland

The Remarkable Benefits of Wellness Travel in Iceland

01.04.2020 | Lella Erludóttir

Wellness travel has been on the rise over the past decade as people become aware of the importance of good health. If life is stressful, we need to find release to balance it out and wellness travel is an ideal way to reap huge benefits.

What is wellness travel?

First and foremost, it is a healthy vacation away from busy modern life. Rural travel and farm holidays are popular for families where they want to reconnect with nature as the accommodation is usually ideally situated for nature exploring. But you will also need a healthy diet along the way to learn new and better habits. Food security is pretty good in Iceland.

Happiness in Icelandic nature
A happy couple enjoying life in Iceland

Fresh local produce

There is a lot of local produce available cooked according to traditional recipes where fish and vegetables are plentiful as well as free-roaming lamb. All around Iceland, there are restaurants with their own versions of popular healthy dishes such as lamb soup, stockfish with rye bread and butter and fried plaice with new potatoes and dill. If you want you can flush it down with beer from one of Iceland’s many microbreweries.

A healthier lifestyle a major aspect of modern life

Wellness travel also involves activities that support a healthy lifestyle, something ranging from wilderness immersion to spa getaways. Both are plentiful in Iceland and with Hey Iceland as your travel expert it is easy to find the best spots in rural Iceland. In fact, all the regions of Iceland have an abundance of hot tubs and natural baths to go to straight after a wilderness expedition. You benefit from short distances in Iceland between interesting spots and will find it easy to find something to your liking. From Heydalur in the Westfjords to the Geosea sea baths in the North of Iceland and the Blue Lagoon in the South, there is something available from the most rudimentary to the most luxurious.

People want to lead a healthier and better lifestyle. Travel is a major aspect of modern life and even more so when it involves wellness, adventure, exercise and culture because travel is one of the most rejuvenating things you can do to recharge spiritually and physically.

Bathing in a natural hot spring in Iceland
Bathing in a natural hot spring in Iceland

Wellness travel relieves stress and anxiety

What gives added value is unspoilt nature and a hospitable yet challenging climate. The wellness infrastructure of Iceland is probably right up there with the best performing countries. Due to abundance of renewable geothermal energy Iceland has swimming pools in every town and every village. There are even swimming pools in the most remote areas such as Krossnes in the Westfjords.

Finally, one of the greatest gifts of wellness travel is to bond with the people you love, your family and your friends. It is probably one of the largest motivators in today’s travel, to experience something with someone you enjoy being around. Our time on this earth is limited and precious so we try to make time for some quality time with our loved ones. What better way than to take a break from the 'rat race' and nurture our social ties than to set on a wellness-oriented trip? You may find it giving surprisingly positive results, less stress and anxiety, a positive mood and it might even kick off a healthier lifestyle. It is no surprise that Iceland is the perfect family destination and a wonderful destination for intergenerational travel where generations create memories and experiences together. And what better than to enjoy a romantic wellness holiday in Iceland?

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