Intergenerational Travel and Gramping with Hey Iceland

Intergenerational Travel and Gramping with Hey Iceland

26.02.2020 | Lella Erludóttir

One of the rising trends today is called intergenerational travel which in its simplest form is when generations travel together, you and the kids, the grandparents and your kids, you with your parents – you get the idea, but generally to reconnect and enjoy some precious time together in today‘s hectic world.

Father and son neat Vestrahorn MountainFather and son enjoying the views at Stokksnes and Vestrahorn Mountain

To someextent intergenerational travel, therefore, is also closely associated with wellness travel and personal growth as generations across cultures seek to define their roots while still exploring the world. You don’t take long to realize that other popular terms for the modern explorer are also key elements in Intergenerational Travel, such as glamping and gramping as it is perfect fun for the extended family.

Oh, if you haven‘t heard about it before then glamping is glamorous camping and gramping is when you skip a generation, typically grandparents and grandchildren travel together on an adventure.

Family looking at Goðafoss WaterfallFamily looking at Goðafoss Waterfall in North Iceland

Well Balanced Travel for the Skip-Gens

But why is intergenerational travel so popular and how does Hey Iceland fit into the picture? Well, this kind of travel is popular for the reasons mentioned before, as one of the best ways to reconnect with family members and perhaps also find your roots again. Since all generations need to find something exciting to do the trip needs to tread the narrow path between beach chairs and theme parks as the kids get bored on the beaches and the theme parks can be strenuous for the older generations. That is where Iceland comes in, a trip that is a continuous adventure through movie-like landscapes and reinvigorating activities that allow for the right amount of personal growth and challenge. Trusting the Hey Iceland team of travel experts to create the best possible itinerary is the best way to book your trip to Iceland.

Kids enjoying views at Kerið CraterKids having fun at Kerið Crater

Iceland is also perfect to go slow and during summers the „skip-gen“ travellers can certainly experience some form of glamping with Hey Iceland as we specialise in rural Iceland with a network of 160 unique and wonderful farm stay accommodations around the country. An Icelandic summer is ideal for easily distracted kids as weather is milder and the 24-hour daylight makes even the clearest mobile phone screen difficult to use. That is all the better for summer adventures and excursions in Iceland‘s Highlands. Winter is also perfect for some quality time and fun with the Northern Lights dancing above the skies and gentle ski slopes that are well suited for the grandparents and grandchildren alike. Throw in the cultural elements of good and healthy as well as the taste for an active lifestyle and you have a winning holiday.

Intergenerational travel is a win-win for all. The grandparents get to spend valuable time with their loved ones, the kids are spoiled and the parents have some time off if you take the „skip-gen“ route. A Hey Iceland trip is a bucket-list adventure for Baby-Boomers!

Grandfather lovingly hugging grandsonGrandfather lovingly hugging grandson

When planning an intergenerational trip, it’s important for us to get a good understanding of the capabilities, interests, expectations, goals and experience of each member of the multigenerational group. This will help us to target the group towards the right options, accommodations, activities, or customized experiences. We understand the wants and needs of multigenerational travellers and know that we can deliver a once-in-a-lifetime family holiday that will help you create unforgettable memories together as a family. 

Mother and son with Icelandic horseMother, son, and an Icelandic horse

Iceland is not only stunningly beautiful, rich in history and Viking culture, it is also the perfect destination for a family holiday.

Let us help you create the dream trip for your family!

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