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Hiking trails in Iceland in the Wapp appHey Iceland and Wapp Hiking trail app

Hey Iceland encourages travellers to hike along some of the stunning trails in our varied landscape, to pay respect to Icelandic nature and connect with the country’s culture, history and roots. We also encourage the Hey Iceland accommodation partners to map out new and exciting trails in their vicinity and share local stories and information hidden in nature.

Hey Iceland has partnered with Wapp Walking App ehf. to endorse hiking in Iceland with more ease. The aim is to make hiking trails in Iceland more accessible to foreign visitors and at the same time promote a unique experience, safety and respect for nature. The Wapp contains over 300 hiking trails all over the country. Each trail has useful information and local stories and users can send their travel plans to the Icelandic Emergency Hotline, which is particularly important for longer hikes.

Hey Iceland is sponsoring 20 trails around Iceland – giving you a free access to trails on popular but also less visited places. Everywhere you will get some extra tips, giving you more meaningful experience than just taking photos on the way!

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This is our choose for you – feel free to breath in the Hey Iceland – Wapp experience!

  • Hey Iceland - encourage tourists to step out of the car and get to know the country on their own feet.
  • When slowing down you will feel more closeness to Icelandic nature, refilling you with a pure Icelandic energy.
  • The Wapp App is the ideal guide for you because it gives you over 300 ideas of walking and hiking tours all around Iceland, with various information on nature, history, folk tales and the environment in general.
  • For your safety, you can leave your travel plan to Safe Travel/112 National emergency number.
  • The app is downloaded beforehand and used offline. The Wapp is available on App Store and Google Play*

The map below contains all accommodation within the Hey Iceland network as well as the 20 hiking trails sponsored by Hey Iceland in the Wapp. 

Hiking trails in west Iceland

  • Follow in the Old Footstep at Húsafell (1,5 hour)
  • Glanni Waterfall & Paradísarlundur /Paradise Pool (1 hour)
  • Djúpalón - Dritvík (1,5 hour) 
  • Mt. Brimlárhöfði (2 hours) 

Hiking trails in the Westfjords

  • Breiðavík (2 hours) 
  • Heydalur Circle (3,5 hours) 

Hiking trails in north Iceland

  • Kolugljúfur Canyon (0,5 hour) 
  • Mælifellshnúkur (3,5 hours) 
  • Mt. Staðarbyggðafjall (3,5 hours) 
  • Aldeyjarfoss Waterfall (0,5 hour)
  • Mt. Hverfjall (2,5 hours)

Hiking trails in northeast and east Iceland

  • Skoruvík and Skálar (3 hours) 
  • Stórurð (Giants Boulders) (4 hours) 
  • Fardagafoss waterfall (1 hour) 
  • White Sands by Djúpivogur (1,5 hour) 

Hiking trails in south Iceland

  • Hjallanes Circle (2,5 hours). 
  • Ástarbrautin (The Love Trail) (2 hours)
  • Cave by Reynisfjara (1,5 hour) 
  • Seljalandsfoss and Gljúfrabúi (1 hour) 
  • Mt. Miðfell (2 hours) 

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