Iceland is one of the best outdoor destinations in the world

Iceland is one of the best outdoor destinations in the world

08.04.2020 | Lella Erludóttir

A good life is one lead with good health and friendship as that is one of the best ways to live a happy life. This, a study shows that originated in the Great Depression almost a hundred years ago. Basically, we need to take care of our bodies with regular and moderate exercise but we also need to develop relationships as our companions through life are vital to our happiness.

Hiking in Iceland
Hiking in Iceland's nature

A way to achieve this goal is to travel to adventurous places with your friends. An adventure reinforces personal bonds and there is less risk of becoming a couch potato. You need to be fit and active in order to take on an outdoor destination. One of the best outdoor destinations in the world is Iceland, a large island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that has a lunar-like landscape, glaciers and highlands that are filled with hiking routes and exciting destinations.

Hiking Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon Iceland
Hiking near Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

If an itinerary of hiking, mountain biking, canoeing and fishing, and relaxing with your friends or family in a rural hideout or farm accommodation sounds like just your thing you can be sure the Hey Iceland travel experts can find accommodation and activities that ideally fit your plan. Adventure trips are a hallmark of Iceland and it does not matter if you choose summer or winter – it is equally exciting and the only thing that changes is the weather, the daylight hours, and the type of activities.

Kayak in Heydalur Iceland Westfjords
Sailing a kayak in Heydalur in the Westfjords

Iceland is a rugged country with incredible scenery, an easy motivator to keep going. The opportunity for diverse trips with healthy doses of local culture is abundant so bonding over an extended period becomes a natural result. Check our list of accommodation that suits the adventure seeker in you here.

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