The best way to book your trip to Iceland

The best way to book your trip to Iceland

25.02.2020 | Camille Beuvard

There are many advantages to using us, travel agents, from saving planning time and stress to getting a customized holiday. A trip is an important purchase and you want to make sure you won’t be deceived in any way. If you're still on the fence, consider the reasons we listed below, send us a line and start enjoying Iceland immediately. 

1. Travel Has Never Been Easier… And Never So Complicated!

A prepared traveller is an informed traveller. But with the countless amount of travel options and sources of information today, travel planning has simply become overwhelming. You never know who to trust. This is where we step in, we help you sort through the information available to craft your dream trip, whether it is a spontaneous trip or a lifelong dream… Sure you can try and book the whole trip by yourself, but keeping with the options is a full-time job. And this is literally our job.

2. We Save You Time and Hassle

We take care of every aspect of your trip, from accommodation to ground transportations and activities. We regularly visit personally the places we recommend you and pay attention to everything around to come up with the best dining and off-the-beaten excursions options. This way we save you time and stress and can answer your questions promptly and precisely. Your time is valuable and we believe the trip will be enjoyed best if you haven’t been left weary with the planning process.

3. We Are Travel Experts And Love What We Do!

Hey Iceland Team 2020

We are a colourful, fun and dedicated group of people coming from 4 different countries.

We pride ourselves in our expansive knowledge of Iceland, and our 30+ years of experience, which allows us to provide you the best travel tips and adapt our suggestions to you specifically.

Not only we do the work for you but we do it with all our heart. We are not just selling you Iceland. Rather, we explore, research and are, as we speak, on the ground experiencing your next farmstay or chatting with your next host.

Our team consists of a rich diversity of people, with insider knowledge on all things Icelandic, and we come from more backgrounds than you can even count: Architect, Journalist, Tourism studies, Sailor, Rescue Team Member, Scout, etc.

Passion brings us together and we are all driven by the desire to share the real Iceland with you and inspire you experience things you’d never heard of before. We are bursting with energy and ideas and are just as excited as you for your coming trip!

4. We Don’t Cost Extra And Deliver More Value 

There is a myth about using a travel agency, saying it will automatically cost you more than if you book your trip alone. Booking yourself can in the first place appear cheaper but buying the individual components individually like accommodation and car rental can escalate quickly and make the trip much more expensive than expected.

All our self-drive tour packages include the following services:

  • Accommodation
  • Car rental with unlimited mileage and CDW insurance
  • Pick up/Drop off fee for the rental car at Keflavík International Airport
  • Customized day-to-day itinerary

We thrive in delivering more value with attention to detail. Each of our driving tours comes with a Driver Guide tablet mapping and navigating your personalized journey and highlights of surrounding areas. The Driver Guide includes a GPS Navigation system, recommendations along the way, helpful information, and a messenger system to stay in touch with us. A comfortable trip ahead.

5. We Offer A Personalized Experience

Time to put our knowledge, expertise, and creativity to work. First of all, we listen to you until we capture your vision for this trip and what it is you want to get out of it. You tell us your preferences regarding accommodation standards, travel duration, and transportation. Using all these ingredients and our very own cooking recipe, we then design the itinerary that best suits your needs and wishes.  

6. We Assist You Before, During And After Your Trip

Hey Iceland Team 2020

Time to time, we enjoy casually striking a pose in a scenic landscape provided by Iceland.

 To give you full peace of mind, we are there from start to finish - Yes, 24/7 - and will always get you where you want to go. In the event that something goes wrong during the trip, we are your number one resource and will make sure to get your vacation back on track. After all, we are just a phone call, chat message, or email away! And we don’t just leave you when the trip is over, we always welcome your feedback and love relive your trip as you send us photos!

7. We Are Human!

We are personally engaged and invested in your happiness and satisfaction and do everything in our power to make your trip memorable and unique. One, only one, person is in charge of your trip, and we put an emphasis on this bond created throughout the discussions. Much more valuable to our eyes than an unpersonal search engine. We are professional, helpful and like to think we are friendly too! This to say you will easily reach our customer service in case you need assistance or have questions. 

8. We Support Rural Communities And Local Businesses

We don’t just book you accommodation along the way, instead we carefully handpick authentic lodging that will provide you an immersive experience and genuine feel of Iceland. Our close ties with local hosts all around the country led to a unique network of 170 accommodation in scenic locations.

By choosing Hey Iceland, you are staying with locals and making a positive contribution to rural communities in Iceland. The travel agency was founded by farmers in 1980, the Icelandic Farm Holidays Association, and is still majority-owned by the farmers themselves, meaning that profits stay local!  

9. We Are Sustainable

Hey Iceland Kayak Adventure

We have a deep respect for nature and people and got recently awarded on Iceland's Day of Responsible Tourism.

As active participants of the development of Iceland’s tourism industry, we are always looking for ways of reducing our impact on the environment, and of allying quality and sustainability in our products. We focus on preserving our homeland, and are constantly learning on the way towards ecotourism, along with our members, partners, employees, and YOU! In December 2019, our team has been awarded a motivational award for being an exemplary company in Responsible Tourism in Iceland! The way to go!

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