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Getting you there but adding value along the way

Hit the Icelandic roads without the worry of finding your way, accommodation, or highlights along the way, to truly focus on the experience and enjoy the moment. Our Hey Guide was designed to assist you on your journey in Iceland, showing your personalized day-to-day itinerary. The tablet gives you recommendations along the way, and helpful information regarding driving conditions, weather forecast, and more. How does it all work?

1. Your customized Iceland tour in a tablet

Each of our self-drive tours come with our Hey Guide, an internet-connected tablet you will collect once you pick up your rental car. Its interface gives you access to your personalized itinerary and allows you to make some changes during your trip, with over 3,000 places of interest included. The GPS navigation system ensures you a hassle-free trip, taking you to your hotel after a packed day of adventures, and giving you helpful insights about daily distances and estimated driving times.

2. Stay safe & updated

At Hey Iceland, we believe that an informed driver is a happy driver. This is why our Hey Guide provides you with access to the weather forecast, road conditions and you get a notification in case of weather alert. Driving in Iceland can be totally different from driving in other countries, so we recommend you check our Hey Guide to Driving in Iceland in Summer and Driving in Iceland in Winter and take the habit of checking the weather forecast before you start each day.

3. Stay connected & share your experience

The Wi-Fi and 4G allow you to be connected and reachable from any place in Iceland. We are also available at any time through the messenger system, to chat with you, provide you with guidance, or to hear your impressions on your trip!

Key features

  • Pre-loaded customized itinerary crafted by our travel experts
  • Possibility to adjust your daily itinerary, by adding or removing destinations along the way, as well as calculating daily distances and estimated journey times
  • Personal travel assistant filled with suggestions about activities and nearby highlights to include in your trip
  • Insider tips for restaurants, museums, geothermal pools and much more
  • Electronic vouchers for your accommodation and activities (supporting our effort to reduce our environmental footprint!)
  • Navigation GPS
  • Access to maps, even when offline
  • Access to weather and aurora forecasts
  • Safe Travel notifications with updates on the weather and road conditions
  • Find the nearest gas stations
  • Read the Icelandic news in English
  • Wi-Fi hotspot and 4G connectivity
  • Messenger service: we are there for you while travelling!


Where do I get the tablet?

You will be handed the tablet when you pick up your vehicle at Europcar desk in Keflavík Airport or at their offices in Reykjavík.

What does the Hey Guide kit include?

The Hey Guide bag includes 7 items:

  1. A tablet – Our contact information can be found on the back of the tablet.
  2. A magnetic car mount – To be mounted on front shield to hold the tablet.
  3. A cable – To connect tablet to car charger.
  4. A car charger
  5. A plug – To connect the tablet to a wall socket in your accommodation.
  6. A fiber cloth – To wipe the screen.
  7. Hey Guidelines – To help you get started

How to use the tablet?

  1. Connect the tablet to the car charger.
  2. Turn on the tablet by pressing the short button on its side. You may need to hold it in for a few seconds.
  3. Hey Guide starts and plays an introduction video telling you how the app works. If the app wants to update, just tap the button and wait a few seconds while it finishes updating.
  4. Enter your Hey Guide reference number and the email you used when booking the trip.
  5. Get access to your trip mapped out.
  6. Mount the magnetic car mount to the front shield of the car and place tablet on the magnet. Start driving and enjoy your day!

What does the interface look like?

The main interface includes a map to the left and your trip info to the right plus all the main features.

Pre-loaded customized itinerary crafted by our travel experts | Driver Guide Hey Iceland

  • You will find your Iceland tour under Trips - You choose the day you want to see and select Start when you are ready to set off. Hey Guide will Hey Guide you to the first destination of the day.
  • Nearby - The Nearby feed displays points of interest that are featured in the Hey Guide system, so you will never miss a thing.
  • Search - Discover restaurants, gas stations, things to do and numerous other things on your way.
  • Messages - Got something on your mind? Send us a line.
  • Info - Shows important and helpful information.
  • More - Settings and other useful things. Stay connected, turn your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Can I book day tours and activities directly in the app?

Yes! Tha app sugguest various activities along the way that you can view and book directly from the app.

Can I use the tablet for personal internet browsing?

For personal internet browsing, we offer you a Wi-Fi hotspot in the tablet that you can turn on, and use and connect your devices.
The tablet only gives access to the Hey Guide app, including your trip itinerary, access to the Icelandic Meteorological Office and the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration.

Where can I find my accommodation in the app?

The app Hey Guides you to your accommodation at the end of each day, where you can find the electronic voucher and more information about the accommodation.

How do I return the tablet after the trip?

When you return the rental car, please remember to:

  • Return all 7 items to the bag.
  • Return the bag and your car key to a Europcar employee.
  • If you return your car after office hours, leave the bag in the trunk of the car and the key in a marked box or hatch

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