How to Maximize Adventure and Minimize the Environmental Impact with Iceland Ecotourism

How to Maximize Adventure and Minimize the Environmental Impact with Iceland Ecotourism

11.02.2020 | Lella Erludóttir

Iceland is an unusual country when it comes to sustainability and environmental credentials. Ecotourism is one of the fastest-growing tourism trends and Hey Iceland is the perfect partner in Iceland as we are dedicated to environmentally friendly tourism outside the country's capital. We have a strict sustainability policy and are continuously working towards greater sustainability.

Let’s consider some green credentials because Iceland is also a perfect match for travellers who wish to travel responsibly. Reykjavik tops as the greenest city for travellers with the most green space per resident but that is not really the main point. The main point is the fact that almost 100% of Iceland’s energy comes from renewable sources such as hydro or geothermal sources.

Sustainability is part of the culture

Iceland has sustainable farming and sustainable fisheries policies and grows a major part of its vegetable needs in geothermally heated greenhouses. Hey Iceland accommodation also offers electric charging facilities for those who want to try driving electrically around Iceland. It is perhaps only for the most committed but for most visitors, it is sufficient to book trips with electric whale watching boats or learn about greenhouse-grown tomatoes at Friðheimar.

An Iceland farm holiday is an excellent way to learn about sustainability in Iceland with rural experiences in a country full of renewable energy that powers almost all facilities and even many of the activities you can undertake as a tourist.

Ecotourism is a fast growing travel trend in Iceland
Responsible tourism, ecotravel and sustainability go hand in hand

Only five and a half hours from NY and 3 hours from mainland Europe

Iceland is also ideally situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean for those seeking adventures, only a 5 hours 30 minutes from New York to Reykjavik Keflavik Airport and just around three hours from mainland Europe. When you arrive there are loads of sustainable destinations you can book through Hey Iceland geothermal pools or hot tubs where you can enjoy the Northern Lights.

But most important of all, the Icelandic population and the visiting tourists do not strain nature. The Inspired by Iceland campaign even provides guidance and pledges on how to travel responsibly.

Think about it. If you have eco-friendly persuasions, you can really maximize the adventure and minimize your impact on nature when you visit Iceland. We would love to help you out and tell you more. Be in touch through our message window to the bottom right of the webpage (it is not a bot, it is a real person who answers so we might sometimes have to get back to you a few hours later!)

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