Wonderful Hot Tubs and Pools Awaiting You at Hey Iceland

Wonderful Hot Tubs and Pools Awaiting You at Hey Iceland

15.04.2020 | Camille Beuvard

One of Iceland’s unique experiences and top reasons to visit is undoubtedly soaking in geothermally-heated waters. Because Iceland was gifted with geothermal energy, Icelanders have a very old and intimate relationship with water. There are many places celebrating the bathing culture, that are not the Blue Lagoon. Mývatn Nature Baths, The Secret Lagoon, Laugarvatn Fontana, Krauma, or the recently opened temples of relaxation Vök Baths and GeoSea, not to mention the countless swimming complexes found in every town.

Many Icelanders even have their own artificial hot tub, if not a natural hot pool, at home.

As we shared with you an extensive list of 30 scenic hot springs and swimming pools in Iceland to match, you may not see the point of booking yourself a holiday cottage which includes a private pool or jacuzzi. Long story short, try it and it will soon become your new ritual. 

Start looking for the perfect cabin with hot tub for rent in Iceland, or combine your stay with one of our self-drive tours, where you will drive through Iceland’s spectacular landscape, with of course, plenty of hot bathing.

Continue reading or go straight to our selection of inviting accommodation with hot tubs below!

Dream now, plunge later 😊...

A Warm Respite from the Great Outdoors

A real haven of peace on quiet days, our partners’ rustic lodging and country accommodation also turn into the most soothing and heart-warming shelter against Iceland sometimes harsh conditions. No matter the weather, they are a place you like to come home to, where 'comfort' takes its full meaning. A warm respite from the fresh Icelandic great outdoors, relaxing in any season.

After a long day of exploring or hiking, when the time comes to return to your accommodation, indulge you in the pleasures of a hot bath. A truly magical way to relax and unwind, absorb the vast wild spaces while listening to the sounds of the Icelandic nature, or just to… the silence. And silence sounds delicious. We bet you will sleep as a baby (given that your baby is getting a good sleep) after that. If you are more of a morning person, a bath in the early hours will leave you refreshed, energized for the day to come and fulfilled.

Hot tubs are enjoyable for adults and children alike, being a good way to keep the whole family entertained on your stay. 

A Treat for Body and Mind

We are pretty sure you won't be using your accommodation just as a place to sleep but rather will want to spend time at your home away from home, and this is is exactly the way we want you to feel.

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, our lodging options aim at offering you the best of the countryside, starting with privacy, and all the tranquillity and serenity you need. This zen feeling is culminated with the exquisite hot tubs they are equipped with. If you want the ultimate mindful break, a private outdoor pool in your Icelandic cabin is just the ticket.

Take a moment on your Iceland vacation to benefit from the full power of nature and improve your health. Geothermal hot bathing has been proven to boost blood circulation, reduce stress, promote sleep, relieve pain and help relax tense muscles, and participate to heal skin problems due to unique mineral properties. In fact, the hot tub as never been so essential in a cabin. 

The Best Nature Observatory

Not only our partners are wonderfully located to explore some of the country’s most iconic landscapes, but they make it possible to enjoy breathtaking scenery and panorama views straight out of the hot tub.

Hot tubs are a superb setting to hopefully spot the elusive Northern Lights in Winter, or to assist to the ballet of migratory birds in Spring. Should you visit in the Summer months, you can enjoy the warm feeling of the Midnight Sun on your skin whilst bathing. Expect a drink taken overlooking one of Iceland's typical calming scenes from mares and foals grazing together and marine wildlife action to hidden waterfalls and imposing glaciers in the distance.

This is it, a hot tub checks all the boxes for a perfect Icelandic stay. They are a great way to spend your vacation, but they are also beneficial to you, your health, and encourage quality time with your travel mates!

We've put together a selection of dreamy bathing destinations just for you!

Wonderful Hot Tubs and Pools Awaiting You at Our Partners

Within our network of 170 authentic farmstays spread over the country, many come with hot tubs located in the most beautiful and relaxing settings. The bliss of a spa, from the comfort of your home for the night!

🖈 Blábjörg Guesthouse, East Iceland 


🖈 Guesthouse Stöng, North Iceland 



🖈 Hestheimar, South Iceland 


🖈 Heydalur, Westfjords 


🖈 Glacier World Hoffell, South Iceland 


🖈 Hotel Grímsborgir, South Iceland 


🖈 Hotel Kríunes, Reykjavík Area



🖈 Hotel Sveinbjarnargerði, North Iceland



🖈 Hraunsnef, West Iceland 


🖈 Lake Hotel Guesthouse Egilsstadir, East Iceland


🖈 Mjóeyri, East Iceland 



🖈 Skjaldarvík Guesthouse, North Iceland



🖈 The Wilderness Center, East Iceland 

Wilderness center

Start looking for the perfect cabin with hot tub for rent in Iceland, or combine your stay with one of our self-drive tours, where you will drive through Iceland’s spectacular landscape, with of course, plenty of hot bathing.

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