The Secret Lagoon | Flúðir - South

The Secret Lagoon | Flúðir - South

Discover the Secret Lagoon, a secret in nothing but name, nonetheless a real temple of relaxation and well-being on the Golden Circle Route. Experience Iceland’s long tradition of bathing in Iceland's very first public swimming pool dating back to 1891. Enjoy a warm soak alongside hot springs, spouting geysers and steam rising into the air. Exactly what you need in between two attractions. Available all year round.

Operated by: The Secret Lagoon

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  • Immerse yourself into Iceland's hot spring culture
  • Take a dip in Iceland’s oldest public swimming pool
  • A relaxing break on your Golden Circle tour
  • Enjoy the beautiful and peaceful surroundings
  • Spa and wellness


  • Entrance to the geothermal baths

Please bring

  • Swimming Suit
  • Towel
  • Camera

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