Inspiration: Top Iceland Bloggers to Follow

Inspiration: Top Iceland Bloggers to Follow

23.03.2020 | Kaelene Spence


óTravel blogs have taken over the online world these days and for good reason, reading one of these blogs feels like a virtual trip to the destination they are writing about. And, lucky for all of us Iceland enthusiasts, there are many blogs all about Iceland that will fuel your wanderlust all while giving you new items to add to your Iceland bucket list. 

We have rounded up some of our favorite bloggers whose posts will have you inspired to have your own Iceland adventure. These bloggers are a mix of individuals who call Iceland home, or who have traveled here frequently over the years. Whether you are a visual person who appreciates gorgeous travel photography, or someone who enjoys reading a good travel story, there is the perfect blog post on Iceland for you.

Use our list as inspiration for planning your trip, and check our selection of tours, authentic accommodation and activities! 


1) ICELAND WITH A VIEW - The American Expat

Jeannie and her husband traveled to Iceland for the first time on their honeymoon and as they explored the country they fell in love with Iceland. The unique Icelandic nature had a lasting impression on them, one year later they moved to Iceland and have been exploring the country ever since.

On her blog Jeannie shares all her best travel tips and advice for all things Iceland; everything from grocery shopping to how to drive in the winter, you will find it on her blog. And if you are looking for a virtual trip to Iceland Jeannie’s videography from her travels around the country are perfect for fueling all your Iceland wanderlust!

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Iceland With a View

2) HAND LUGGAGE ONLY - The Travel Gurus  

Yaya and Lloyd are travel enthusiasts that spend their time traveling all over the world and sharing their travel stories over on their blog, Hand Luggage Only. While they travel to countries all over they have made multiple visits to Iceland and of course blogged all about it. On their blog you will find articles on Iceland from best restaurants to the most dramatic experiences to have in Iceland. If you are looking for inspiration for the best of the best in Iceland these travel guru’s have it for you on their blog. 

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Hand Luggage Only


3) TINY ICELAND - The Storyteller

Tiny Iceland is more than just a blog, it is a community of travel enthusiast created to share all the wonderful things about Iceland. The founder, Inga, is an Icelander with a deep love for her country, which is easily seen on her blog where she shares her travel stories around Iceland. 

Her love for Iceland is shared by all the guest bloggers that make an appearance on Tiny Iceland to share their own Iceland travel story and tips. Tiny Iceland makes for the perfect place to get lost reading stories about traveling around Iceland as you daydream about your own adventure. 

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Tiny Iceland 

4) MAPPING MEGAN - The Adventure Duo 

Full time travel bloggers and photographers, Megan and Mike are the voices behind Mapping Megan. On their travels Megan and Mike strive to fully immerse themselves in the culture and nature of the places they are visiting. While Mapping Megan is a blog all about adventuring and having fun they also have a strong focus on ecotourism, something we at Hey Iceland are also all about. We recommend checking out their posts on how to be a socially conscious traveler while in Iceland. 

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Jet Set Bunny - Mapping Megan

5) SIGGADÓTTIR - The Local Hiker

Jórunn is a born and raised Icelander. For the first 20 years of her life she lived in a tiny town in North Iceland but for the last 20 years she has been living in Reykjavík. 
She is a nature lover who considers herself quite lucky to have been forn in a country like Iceland. Her love for stunning nature and hiking goes way back and for the pas years it has become a passion.

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Jórunn Siggadóttir

6) EXPERT VAGABOND - The Travel Expert

Matthew Karsten is a full time travel blogger who has spent the past 9 years traveling the world, so you know he has some great tips when it comes to traveling. On his blog you will find over a dozen articles all about Iceland. The photography in these posts alone is enough to inspire a trip here. In addition to his beautiful photography Matthew’s blog is full of useful information for visiting Iceland, including a ton of great photography tips to make sure you get the best pictures of your Iceland adventure.  

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Expert Vagabond

7) BREATHE WITH US - The Return Travelers

A travel-loving couple, Hugo and Cristina take every chance they get to return to Iceland where they enjoy spending time hiking and visiting the locations off the beaten path. A browse through their Iceland archives will have you adding new destinations you may have never heard of to your Iceland list. If you are looking for some Iceland nature inspiration, Breathe With Us has a post for you! 

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Breathe With Us

8) ICELAND24 - The Explorers

If you are a detail-oriented person then Iceland24 will be a blog you will be able to spend hours reading through. With detailed posts covering topics from hiking in the highlands to travelling around Iceland in a motorhome, David and Joanne’s blog will give you all the information you need to know.

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9) ASPIRING KENNEDY - The Family Traveler

If you are planning a trip to Iceland with your family, Lauren’s blog will make for an excellent read for you! Lauren, her husband and three adorable children are frequent visitors to Iceland where you will find them exploring all over with their crew. From cafes in downtown Reykjavik out to the vast landscapes of the Westfjords Lauren’s blog will inspire you to pack your bags and take your family for a unique Iceland adventure.

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Aspiring Kennedy

10)👋 HEY ICELAND - Your Travel Agency 

Keep the Iceland blog reading going with a browse through our Hey blog archives, where we talk about all things Icelandic, off-the-beaten-path places, give you tips we think might help in the planning process, as well as safety information and inspirational content to get you excited to discover or rediscover Iceland. In our humble opinion, the ultimate blog about Iceland. 

Hey Iceland Blog

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