Inspiration: Top Instagrammers in Iceland to follow

Inspiration: Top Instagrammers in Iceland to follow

10.03.2020 | Camille Beuvard

When browsing the web for information about your next destination, chances are high you will end up on Instagram searching for inspiration or just to build up the excitement for your forthcoming trip.

Good news! Iceland boasts a fun bunch of Instagrammers dedicated to share the best of their homeland, or adopted land, including everything from serene and chaotic landscapes, outdoor adventures, to resilient wildlife and friendly locals. No matter their background, no matter their photography style, all are drawn to the glory of Iceland, its everchanging terrain, and that special thing that makes you feel incredibly alive here.

We made a selection of some of our most inspiring accounts to make sure to follow. Use our list as inspiration for planning your trip, and check our selection of tours, authentic accommodation and activities! 


Gunnar Freyr might be the very first photographer you will come across while searching for Icelandic accounts to follow. Gunnar was raised in and lived for most of his life in Denmark, before deciding in 2014 to quit his corporate job, sell all his belongings to seek his roots in Iceland.

Follow for: Stark contrasts – Remoteness – Ice Chunks  

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2) BENJAMIN HARDMAN – The Contrasts Advocate

Nothing captures Iceland’s essence better than the stark, beautiful, simple photography from Benjamin Hardman. Growing up on the other side of the world, in Australia, Benjamin was not predestined for a life in the cold. He is the best example of how Icelandic rough elements can captivate and nourish the wildest dreams.

Follow for: White vastness – Glacier Feel – Barren Landscapes

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3) RAGNAR AXELSSON – The Award-winning Photojournalist

Ragnar Axelsson, RAX for short, has been documenting the Arctic including Iceland, Siberia and Greenland for 4 decades as a photojournalist. His powerful black-and-white pictures come with fascinating stories that really take you to the scene. His artwork explores the man/nature relationship, daily life in an extreme environment, and the global warming threat for the most remote communities.

Follow for: People – Stories – Stark Black and White

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For several days, snow had pounded the West Fjords. Flateyri was nearly swallowed up. The kids in the village were diving cannonballs into the powder from their rooftops. But Guðmundur Betúelsson from Kaldá was having no fun; winter had been long with unrelenting snow, and he longed only for spring. He wasn’t concerned about avalanches. The farmhouse at Kaldá was in a safe spot. After the harsh weather, the place was so blasted with snow that you could barely make out the south-facing windows. Every morning, Guðmundur would shovel the build-up from his living room window so he could look out over the fjord and draw some light into his house. Guðmundur Betúelsson spent his entire adult life at Kaldá along with his sister Anna. They were born in Hornvík in the now-abandoned region of Hornstrandir. Their father delivered them, along with their six brothers and a sister, as it was eight hours to the next farm by foot and there was no midwife or doctor attending to the area. In 1930 they left Hornvík for Önundarfjörður fjord in the midst of the exodus from Hornstrandir. Guðmundur and Anna’s parents lived out their days at Kaldá, but the siblings carried on at the farm. In 1991 Guðmundur died at the ripe old age of 95, at which time Anna moved to Flateyri. Ever since Kaldá has stood empty. — From the 2nd edition of the book Faces of the North. #iceland #film #leica #35mm

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4) HAUKUR SIGURDSSON – The Anthropologist

Haukur Sigurdsson encapsulates the Westfjords beautiful nature in a gripping way. But not only. Haukur has a passion for people and wants you to be inspired by them. Based in Isafjordur, he reaches out to the inhabitants of the Westfjords and produces deep portraits and smiles that tell a thousand stories. People are the soul of a place, and of all the landscapes you will see, it’s always the local people that stay the most.  

Follow for: Locals – Insight – Westfjords Scenes

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5) HEIDAR LOGI – Iceland’s Wave Tamer

While Heidar Logi’s original plan was to become a professional snowboarder, he has made a name on the world surfing scene, by becoming Iceland’s first ever and only pro surfer. You will find him riding in freezing temps, chasing the swell around Iceland’s frigid shores, or practicing yoga poses.  

Follow for: Salty Waters – Surf – Healthy Lifestyle

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6) FARMLIFE ICELAND – The Icelandic Sheep Farmer

Pálína Axelsdóttir Njarðvík, runs with her family a traditional Icelandic sheep farm in remote Skeiða- og Gnúpverjahreppur, counting around 300 sheep. Through her photos, Pálína aims at showing the reality of farmlife, from the cuddly side to the more difficult times, like during the lambing season in May when farmers can work up to 18 hours in a row assisting the births.

Follow for: Fluffy Lambs – Sheep Selfies – Day-to-Day Farming

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7) ASA STEINARS – The Influencer

Asa Steinars is a travel photographer and a social media fanatic, as she describes herself. She was born and grew up in Iceland, where she spends most of her time exploring the volcanic terrain between two travels around the world that she documents on her page.

Follow for: Travel Inspiration – Scenic Landscapes – Epic Adventures

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8) GIGJA EINARS – The Horse Magnifier

Gigja Einarsdóttir knows perfectly how to magnify the Icelandic horse, and her photography is successful in reflecting the horses’ power, grace and friendly character. Before shifting to equine photography, Gigja has worked for many years as a horse trainer, which taught her how to communicate with horses, listen to them, and patience.

Follow for: Horses – Motion – Horse Treks

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9) GEOLOGY WITH HELGA – The Geologist and Volcanologist

Helga is the Swiss army knife of our list. Geologist, volcanologist, glacier guide, she gladly shares her knowledge about the places she visits. From complicated scientific terms, she makes an easy-to-digest porridge accessible to all. She was also recently testing out the newest NASA spacesuit for the manned mission to Mars 2030, so you can see her casually roaming Iceland’s landscape in a spacesuit. Fieldwork gone epic!  

Follow for: Colourful Rocks – Volcanoes – Space

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10) LESLEY BRUEGGER – The Minimalist

Lesley Bruegger is a Swiss photographer, living in Reykjavík after quitting her job back home to move to Iceland and chase her dream. As you look at her feed, it is striking how Lesley sees things we obviously don’t see. From the little details and textures, you can almost touch her pictures, and feel the cold breeze.

Follow for: Minimalism – Atmosphere Landscapes – Details

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11) LOCAL ICELANDER – The Local!

Solla Sveinbjörns was born and raised in Höfn, in East Iceland. She is everything from glacier guide and EMT on the local ambulance, to head teacher of a mountaineering school and member of Rescue Team. She gives insider tips on her favorite places while raising awareness on the environment fragility. You will find her with her French partner, Guillaume, and their beautiful white Samoyed.

Follow for: Ice Caves – Mountaineering – Samoyed!

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12) BIRDS OF ICELAND – The Bird Whisperers

BirdsofIceland is the project of two photographers Sigurjon Einars and Alex Mani, with a big enthusiasm (and talent!) for bird photography. On their account, you can admire Iceland’s rich birdlife, from the playful Puffins and restless Snow Bunting to the elusive short-eared Owl and magnificent Gyrfalcon. Your must bird guide to Iceland.   

Follow for: Birdlife – Nature – Beaks and Feathers

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Every Single Word In Icelandic is a pictographic exploration of the Icelandic language by Eunsan Huh. Born in Korea, Eunsan has been living in New-York for many years with regular visits to Iceland. Her attachment to the Icelandic culture led her to explore the melody and oddities of the Icelandic language. She takes compound words, deconstruct them, and illustrate with icons.

Follow for: Icelandic Language – Illustrations – Idioms

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Hraunkvika is the word for magma and it means moving lava 🌋 Last nerdy geology word I swear 😂

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14) LOGREGLAN – The Police

Police authorities usually have a tense relationship – sometimes troubled - with the citizens that they are charged to protect. Well, not in Reykjavik, where the police department counts 184K followers. Yes, that makes one half of Iceland’s population. Expect a dose of humor, officers poses, puppies, kittens and icecreams.

Follow for: Fun – Self-mockery – Gentleness

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We would love to talk about many others but instead, we let you tell us YOUR favorite Iceland accounts.

Until then, there is this very nice account from a friendly travel agency you should follow for Iceland inspiration, insider tips and stories… HEY ICELAND it is! :-) Please use the hashtag #heyiceland on your Iceland pictures, and tell us the stories behind your pictures, we happily reshare them with our community. Your vision is our vision!

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