West Iceland: Short and Fun Hiking Routes

West Iceland: Short and Fun Hiking Routes

10.05.2019 | Camille Beuvard

Here comes our latest surprise at Hey Iceland! A selection of hiking trails around Iceland to satisfy the outdoor enthusiast in you! Spread over the country, our selection of hikes are short, duration varying from 0.5 to 4.5 hours, with moderate levels of difficulty - from Easy to Medium. They have the great advantage of being located in the vicinity of our accommodation partners. We at Iceland are delighted to sponsor these trails on the Wapp walking app (available on Google Play and in the Apple Store, which allows you to:

  • Check the detailed itinerary and prepare accordingly
  • Download the hiking route for free on all your devices and get real-time GPS assistance
  • Learn interesting facts along the way and read about legends that have arisen from the place
  • Warn the 112 service of your departure for safety reasons
  • Browse more trails nearby!

 After the Northern regionSouthern region and Eastern region, this week, we invite you to check 4 trails in the Western region! Happy hiking!


  • Location: Húsafell
  • GPS Coordinates: 64.6992450,-20.8701
  • Region: West
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 3084m
  • Height: 127m
  • Increase: 67m


Photo Source: Visit West Iceland

This route starts at the hotel and the swimming pool and takes in the old farm at Húsafell and its surroundings. Follow in the Old Footsteps of Snorri Björnsson, one of Húsafell‘s most famous inhabitants, a priest who has inspired countless stories, and a living legend from the 18th Century. Renowned for its strength, Snorri‘s prowess can be seen all along the trail. Test your strength with the The Húsafell Stone, once used to close the pen!

This diverse and historical walk is suitable for most people, with little elevation except for when climbing up to the fox trap, and than part can be skipped.

Accommodation nearby: Hotel Á - Guesthouse Steindórsstaðir


  • Location: Glanni
  • GPS Coordinates: 64.753811,-21.547408
  • Region: West
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: 1754m
  • Height: 169m
  • Increase: 128m


Photo Source: Visit West Iceland

The trail down to Glanni Waterfall and the Paradise Pool may not be very long but is extremely beautiful. It takes you along clear paths through shrub-covered lava. In Summer, the area is teeming with birdlife and one can enjoy all kinds of floral scents. The waterfall is very pretty although not big, while Paradise Pool lives up to its name, a peaceful oasis fed with crystal clear water. To reach this hidden gem, turn off the Ring Road a short way South of Bifröst, where the sign Glanni is. There you can park at the golf club and head off.

This walk suits everyone and is fun for children, but be careful on the ridge above Norðurá River.

Accommodation nearby: Hraunsnef Country Hotel - Langavatn and Klambrasel


  • Location: Djúpalón
  • GPS Coordinates: 64.7537780,-23,8946
  • Region: West
  • Duration: 1,5 hours
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 2536m
  • Height: 85m
  • Increase: 28m


Photo Source: Visit West Iceland

This trail is one of many in Snæfellsjökull National Park, and offers some of the most dramatic scenery in Iceland. In Djúpalón and Dritvík, the lava meets the sea to form intriguing troll-like rock formations emerging from the ocean. Whether your desire is to see fine black sand beaches, freshwater lagoons, lava arches or shipwrecks, this hike has it all. 


Photo Source: Visit West Iceland

Drive along route 574 and turn off onto Dritvík road, route 572, until you reach the car park. In Winter, you should always check the road conditions beforehand on the website of The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration

This relatively easy walk suits most people, but note that the trails can get slippery when wet in Winter. Also, do not venture too close to the sea in Djúpalónssandur or Dritvík, and never underestimate the power of sneaker waves.

Accommodation nearby: Arnarstapi Center


  • Location: Brimlárhöfði
  • GPS Coordinates: 64.9441540,-23.3590
  • Region: West
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 5790m
  • Height: 12m
  • Increase: 234m

The next mountain West of Mt. Kirkjufell is Mt. Brimlárhöfði or Stöðin as the locals on Snæfellsnes like to call it. This is not a particularly high mountain but it offers fabulous views of the nearby surroundings all the way out to Breiðafjörður. A short section of the trail follows a narrow path between rocks but apart from that this is an easy and fun hike for everyone.

The hike mostly follows sheep paths but now and then, you will cross some moorland. Always follow the map so you don't get stuck anywhere.

Accommodation nearby: Suður-Bár Guesthouse

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