New name, new look but same high-quality service!

New name, new look but same high-quality service!

10.10.2016 | Kaelene Spence

In case you missed the exciting news Icelandic Farm Holidays is now Hey Iceland!

While we have changed our name, our services and passion for assisting others in planning their best Iceland adventure hasn’t changed. Instead, you will find improved services thanks to our 25 years of experience in the industry. Click the link to read about our name change and the reason behind it.

To welcome our new name, we would like to re-introduce ourselves and the services Hey Iceland offers.


Find your Hey stay in Iceland

With over 170 carefully selected accommodations around the country each with a unique experience to offer guests Hey Iceland has the perfect place for you to stay during your time in Iceland.

In our network of accommodations around the country, you will find cozy bed and breakfasts to charming farm cottages where you can get the first-hand experience of how an Icelandic farm is run while learning more about the Icelandic culture. Enjoy a stay at guesthouses located by the ocean and rustic country hotels that will have you feeling right at home. You are sure to find the perfect accommodation to relax and rejuvenate within our vast network; all accommodations are located in the peaceful and beautiful Icelandic countryside, carefully selected to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep!


When it comes to selecting the best accommodation for your Iceland adventure, we think the process should be quick and easy. With the help of our accommodation search option, you can quickly narrow down the list of options you are looking for by region in Iceland and the type of accommodation.

A quick trip to our website will take you no time to find and book your perfect farm stay in the South of Iceland or a cozy cabin in the Westfjords!

Choose your Travel Style

We at Hey Iceland know that no two travelers are alike - everyone has their preferences for how they travel and experience a country and Iceland offers unlimited travel options to its visitors.

To help you experience Iceland in your preferred travel style, we have created four categories filled with unique activities and tours. All you have to do is choose your travel style and start planning! 

Adventure Seeker

Lisa_underwater_crop (1).jpg

If your preferred style of travel is active, we have everything from adrenalin filled adventures to more slow paced ones for the adventure-seeking traveller. A few ideas of what you can find under this category are:

  • Flavours of the South: For those with an adventurous palate this tour is for you! Enjoy exploring the natural wonders of the South of Iceland and delicious Icelandic cuisine
  • In the Footsteps of the Elves: If you are an avid hiker who enjoys exploring off the beaten path, this five-day hiking tour will fulfill all your needs. Explore the Eastfjords of Iceland and be inspired by the fjords you will hike through full of gorgeous colors and hot springs.
  • Around Iceland: Explore the island on a classical road trip with an emphasis on great activities that fit your travel style along the way – may it be pool hopping, glacial walking or bird watching the tour is ideal to combine your interests and experience the best Iceland has to offer!


Farm Holiday


If you are looking for a slower paced kind of travel that connects you with locals and the Icelandic culture, a farm holiday is a great option for you. A few ideas of what you can find under this category are:

  • Farm experience: This farm experience will offer you more than just participating in the daily farm chores. Get to spend time with locals learning about the Icelandic culture, visit the area’s most beautiful attractions, and learn what it is like to be a farmer in Iceland for a few days.
  • Northern Lights Adventure: If you are dreaming of seeing the Northern Lights while in Iceland this tour will give you the best chance to do so. Spend a few days relaxing and exploring the natural gems in rural areas in the West and South of Iceland before enjoying the Northern Lights at night.
  • My Own Self Drive: Tailor-make your trip to fit your interests, stops to meet the locals and get to know the Icelandic culture, stop at farms and taste local produce, learn how to ride a horse or hug a lamb! We will help design the perfect trip for you!
  • New Year’s in the Countryside: Ring in the new year in the beautiful Icelandic countryside and experience your unique New Year’s Eve. Learn about the Icelandic culture and folklore from the locals, visit the area's natural wonders, and end the trip by joining your friendly hosts for a memorable New Year’s celebration.


Family Friendly

14 Kræklingatínsla_kona_barn.jpg

With so much to see and do Iceland is the perfect destination to visit with your family. There will be no shortage to find something for all ages to enjoy on a family friendly holiday in Iceland. A few ideas of what you can find under this category are:

  • Family Fun: Enjoy the best of what Iceland has to offer with your family on this tour. Visit hot springs, explore volcanoes and glaciers and say hi to some friendly Icelandic animals along the way. This trip will keep all ages of your family happy.
  • Family Cottage Holiday: Give you and your family plenty of time to explore and relax with this tour. You will spend three days in each location giving you all a chance to do everything on your list before heading back to relax in your charming family cottage.
  • Around Iceland in 8 Days: Hit the road for the ultimate family road trip around Iceland. Visit Iceland’s well-known attractions and get off the beaten path with some hidden gems along the way. With the landscape changing around every corner no one in the car will be asking how much longer!
  • Amazing South: A short drive from Reykjavík are amazing natural attractions in the beautiful countryside from fun sprouting geysers, small villages with small outdoor pools to play in, farms that have lambs in need of a hug and other family-friendly activities along the way.


Nature Lovers

Luke Pelican After we arrived at Dalshöfði, we hiked around the area, and took in a beautiful frozen sunset.jpg

If you are a nature lover you will be heads over heels for the magical nature you will find in Iceland! The diverse natural beauty in Iceland will have you in awe, from waterfalls to sparkling fjords the Icelandic nature is a sight to be seen. A few ideas of what you can find under this category are:

  • Gems of the West: Discover incredible natural attractions and historic sites in West Iceland from beautiful pebbled beaches, quirky fishing villages and gain insight into our history along the way. This tour is ideal for those who prefer a more in-depth experience on the road less travel.
  • Fire and Ice - Inside Out: Iceland is a country known for its geological wonders, and this tour will be taking you to visit the best of them. Visit active volcanoes that are shaping Iceland’s distinct landscape. Take in massive glaciers and rugged lava fields as you drive at your pace around the country. This tour is the ultimate way to experience the land of fire and ice and all its wonders.
  • Country Luxury: Relax and rejuvenate in a comfortable country hotel and discover amazing sights around Iceland. Soak in geothermal pools, taste delicious Icelandic food and explore beautiful nature and the vast countryside.
  • Impressive Westfjords - extension: Need more time in Iceland, extend your stay and explore the Icelandic nature in its rawest form in the northwest corner of Iceland. The Westfjords are mostly uninhabited making it an area flourishing with Icelandic wildlife and untouched nature. This region will have all nature lovers in awe the entire time.


Way of Travel

When it comes to deciding the best way to explore Iceland the options are endless. You can explore the island on your own or join one of our group tours and explore the country with the help of our experienced guides. 

We have put together categories with different ways to travel to help you find the best option to match your travel needs and interest for your dream trip to Iceland. 

  • Self-Drive Tours - Be in complete control of how you experience Iceland with a self-drive tour that includes accommodations and a car rental. This option works for all types of trips – be it a family road-trip, romantic getaway or a fun adventure trip with friends, we have the perfect Iceland vacation for you.
  • Guided Tours - Do you want to get to know the locals and travel with like-minded people? Let us enhance your experience and introduce to you the country and its people; reveal to you the hidden gems and treasures. Join one of our tours for a deeper insight into our culture and nature!




  • Short Breaks - Iceland’s location makes it the perfect stop-over destination when traveling between Europe and North America. We offer a mix of self-drive and guided tour options for those with just a few days to discover Iceland. For even more ideas of stopover, itineraries check out our previous blog about Short breaks in Iceland

  • Ring Road - Iceland’s ring road will take you all around the country making for the perfect road trip route. Under this category, you will find unique tours and activities to add to your trip around Iceland adventure. 

  • Off the Beaten Track - Iceland may be a small country, but there are plenty of hidden gems to discover. Get off the beaten track and away from the crowds with our list of tours and activities that will take you to unique locations around the country.




  • Slow Travel - Take as much time as you want at each stop just soaking the views in, this option is all about enjoying the slower pace of travel. This option will have you spending several days in each area so you can take your time getting to know the area at your own
  • Theme Tours - Created in collaboration with our hosts around Iceland our theme tours will have guests enjoying activities in the countryside while having a great time. For the animal lover, we have several horse-themed tours. For the Northern Lights chaser, we have the perfect mix of country exploring and Northern Light viewing tours. For more ideas of theme tours head over to Hey Iceland’s webpage and start planning your trip.

New name, new look but same high-quality service!

New look, new name, same excellent service! We at Hey Iceland are so excited for our new name and improved services and are ready to help all travelers experience the real Iceland!

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