Hey Iceland!

Hey Iceland!

28.09.2016 | Bryndís Pjetursdóttir

We have changed our brand name to Hey Iceland! For 25 years we have offered a variety of self-drive, tailor-made and guided tours around Iceland as well as accommodation and other travel services to foreign travellers under our old name, Icelandic Farm Holidays. We will continue to do so under our new name Hey Iceland and remain true to our history and roots as well as our reputation of high quality standards in all our operations.

West Iceland countryside

But why are we changing our name?

There have been indications for some time that the old brand might be misleading and not truly reflecting who we are today. The company was founded in 1991 but our history goes back to 1965, when five farms were chosen to rent out rooms to curious explorers who wanted to experience farm holiday in Iceland. Staying at farms became so popular that when the farming industry fell on harder times in the early 1970s, the reception of foreign visitors was no longer a side-project for a few farms, but a stable business in its own right, with locations all over the country. In the early years this service was only offered to foreign tourists – with the first Icelander not making use of the service until 1976. That was the point of no return as three years later, according to chronicles; an Icelandic married couple spent a whole week on one of those farms!

Rainbow in West Iceland

A lot has changed over the years

Not only has the number of visitors risen enormously but the operation of farmers specializing in tourism has also changed dramatically. Today they’re not five farms but a network of over 170 possibilities for accommodation – and 60% of them now exclusively focus on tourism; offering a variety of accommodation and food to travellers as well as a diverse range of activities for individuals and groups alike. Consequently it seemed appropriate to change the brand accordingly; making it more international, transparent and modern to better fit all services provided by the company.

Laundry drying at accommodation Ensku Húsin in West Iceland

Hey, the Icelandic version of hay, has a clear reference to the countryside and the company’s roots that we are so proud of. But Hey is also a friendly, international greeting; the perfect way to welcome people from all over the world to experience the wonders of Iceland.

We hope you like the changes and continue to travel with us. 

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