Ice Cave to Open in 2015

Ice Cave to Open in 2015

01.07.2014 | María Reynisdóttir

Want to know what a glacier looks like on the inside? Well, you can enter deep into one from June 2015 when an exciting new attraction, the massive IceCave opens in Langjökull Glacier in Iceland‘s western highlands. 

Glacier ice cave in Iceland

A unique glacier experience 

The IceCave, which can be described as a series of tunnels and small and large caves, will stretch up to 300 metres into solid glacier ice at about 30 metres below the surface, making it one of the largest man-made ice structures in the world.  
Inside you will be able to view ice which has taken hundreds of years to develop. As you go deeper, the ice gets older and the colour changes from white to deep-blue. You will see crevasses stretching deep into the glacier and how the sunlight squeezes its way through packed ice. On the way there will be various displays about glaciology and the effect of climate change on glaciers. 

Get married inside a glacier 

There will even be a chapel for those looking for an unusual and romantic place to get married!

Ice cave chapel in Iceland

Safety and environment first 

The cave is in the western slope of the glacier, near its highest plateau. There the movement of the ice is limited and few crevasses to worry about. The operators adhere to the strictest environmental standards and the project meets all demands set by The Environment Agency of Iceland and other public bodies. The IceCave is in fact also designed to provide new settings for glaciologists, meteorologists and other scientists to study the glacier.

How to visit the IceCave 

A visit to the IceCave is ideal as part of a longer stay in the beautiful West Iceland region. It can also be done as part of a Golden Circle tour or as a day trip from Reykjavík. There will be scheduled day tours to the IceCave from March to October. Once you arrive at the glacier, monster trucks accommodating up to 40 people will take you to the IceCave.


The IceCave will open for business in June 2015 and from then on will stay open from March to October each year. Bookings have not yet started but we will announce when they do. Don't miss the news - sign up for our e-newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Twitter

Source: IceCave project

Photos: Efla


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