Bruised Passports Visit Iceland

Bruised Passports Visit Iceland

16.06.2014 | María Reynisdóttir

Travel bloggers Savi and Vid aka Bruised Passports from the UK visited Iceland in May 2014. They set off from Reykjavík and travelled the entire ring road plus Snæfellsnes Peninsula by hire car, roughly following our Iceland at Leisure self-drive tour itinerary.

Iceland road trip ©BruisedPassports

Savi and Vid's adventures ranged from braving a glacier hike in the pouring rain to doing absolutely nothing but lazing about under the midnight sun in the calm countryside...

They stayed in Hey Iceland accommodation along the way; at Hotel Anna, Hali, Eyvindará II, Narfastaðir, Ytri-Vík and Suður-Bár.

Iceland accommodation Hali ©BruisedPassports

Iceland accommodation Ytri-Vík ©BruisedPassports

Read more about Savi and Vid's Iceland experience including their recommendations for an amazing road trip in Iceland and where to stay in Iceland.

For a similar adventure of your own check out our Iceland at Leisure self-drive tour or browse our accommodation around Iceland and take your pick!

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