Clean & Safe

Clean & Safe
We comply with health measures

The safety and well-being of customers is our priority and a matter of heart. By participating in the project Clean & Safe of the Iceland Tourist Board, we promise to always follow the recommendations of the authorities and follow the instructions of the Directorate of Health. Last but not the least, we encourage our partners to keep this promise with us to ensure that the customers feel safe with us.

Pledge to our customers

-  We follow the authorities´ recommendations and comply with current rules on infection prevention.
-  We place grate emphasis on cleaning and infection prevention and follow the guidelines of the Directorate of Health.
-  We clean all contact surfaces regularly and perform all our cleaning with utmost care.
-  We regularly inform and train our staff about increased emphasis on cleaning and infection prevention.
-  We inform our customers about our emphasis on cleaning and infection prevention
-  We place great emphasis on personal hygiene; hand washing, use of hand sanitizers, masks, and gloves.
-  We pay close attention to physical distancing.
-  We use contactless solutions, if possible.
-  We encourage our customers to pay close attention to personal hygiene and infection prevention.
- We at Hey Iceland are your local travel agents. We know everything there is to know about Iceland, where to stay, what to do, not-to-be-missed experiences, and local -  services not known by many travellers. We believe that we are your best option when planning a trip to our beautiful country.

With the good cooperation of the travel agency and Hey Iceland´s partners within the Icelandic tourism industry, we can contribute to creating a safe environment for customers. We are all in this together and we trust that Hey Iceland´s customers will take part in this with us all the way.

All information about Clean & Safe can be found on Icelandic Tourist Board. Furthermore, customers can give comments on companies´ performance regarding cleaning and infection prevention.

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