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Booking with Icelandic Farm Holidays

Do you have an office in Reykjavik?
Yes, our office is located in central Reykjavik. The office is open on weekdays (Mon-Fri) between 8.30 and 16:00 GMT. Our address is:          
Icelandic Farm Holidays
Sidumuli 2
IS - 108 Reykjavik

Can I change my booking?
For changes made within 2 weeks after confirmation, no fee is charged.
For changes made between 2 weeks after confirmation and 2 weeks prior to arrival, a fee of €50 is charged.
For changes made within 2 weeks prior to arrival, please refer to our cancellation policy

Can I have your brochure sent to my home address?
Yes, of course! You can view and order our brochures here.


Is it possible to book domestic flights, excursions, hotels in Reykjavík city centre or other hotels than are listed on your website etc. through you?
Yes, we can book any hotel, excursion and activity as we are a fully licensed travel agent. In fact, it can be very practical and time-saving to book the whole tour through one agent.

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General information about the accommodation


Is it easy to find the accommodation?
Most places are marked on more detailed maps, on nearby roadsigns and have flags with the Icelandic Farm Holidays logo by the entrance. However, we advise all travellers to buy good maps (e.g. 1:500 000) and to review the route well prior to the journey. Good maps are included in all of our self-drive packages. If you think you are lost do not hesitate to call the hosts and ask for directions.

Can any of the accommodations be reached by bus?
Most parts of the country can be reached by bus, although the buses usually only stop at the main roads or in larger towns, meaning that some places are not within walking distance of the bus stops.
For information about the bus routes see:

Can we park our car near the accommodation? 
Yes, there are parking spaces at or near all of our accommodations. If in doubt just ask the hosts where parking is allowed. If staying at at farm, take care not to park within the grazing area of the farm animals.

When is check-in and check-out time?
Check-in is usually after 14:00 and check-out before 12:00 (noon) but it can vary between places. Please notify the hosts if you intend on arriving later than 18:00.

Is the lodging suitable for children? 
Yes. In fact, many of our accommodations are ideal for families with children including self-catering cottages, bed and breakfasts and farms that often have playgrounds, animals or child-friendly activities on offer such as horse riding and farm activities.

What is the difference between a double and a twin room?
A double room has one queen or king size bed, preferable for a couple. A twin room has two single beds.

What are the standard bed sizes?  
The minimum bed sizes in Icelandic Farm Holidays accommodation are 90 cm/35 in (wide) x 200 cm/79 in (long) for a single bed and 140 cm/55 in (wide) x 200 cm/79 in (long) for a double bed. The most common size for a double bed is 180 cm/71 in (wide) and 200 cm/79 in (long). 

Can I have dinner at the accommodation and what can I expect for dinner?  
Dinner is available at most places. Some, in particular country hotels, have fantastic restaurants with well-known chefs. Others offer more traditional home made food featuring locally sourced ingredients from their own farm or neighbouring farms, such as geothermally grown vegetables, organic beef and lamb, freshly caught fish and home baked bread. In fact, many visitors to Iceland are pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food! Dinner is usually served from around 19:00 to 22:00. Hosts appreciate if dinner guests call in and order a table before 14:00 the same day.

Is breakfast included in the price and what kind of breakfast can I expect?
Breakfast is included in accommodation with made-up beds in categories I, II, III and IV. If you book sleeping bag accommodation or a self-catering cottage or apartment breakfast is usually not included. A typical Icelandic breakfast is usually of the 'continental' type - a simple affair at smaller establishments or a buffet at country hotels consisting of bread and toast, spreads and other toppings (butter, jam, cheese, cold cuts, eggs, vegetables), cereal, yogurt or Icelandic skyr (a traditional, tasty and healthy dairy product), fruit, juice, tea and coffee. Some country hotels offer a hot breakfast (eggs and bacon) and Danish pastries as well.

Do I have to bring my own bed linen?
Bed linen comes with made-up beds in categories I, II, III and IV. If you book sleeping bag accommodation bed linen is not provided. If you book a self-catering cottage you are required to rent bed linen as well.

What is included when I book sleeping bag accommodation?
It varies between hostels. In many cases pillows are provided but we recommend that you bring your own pillow.

Is it necessary to pre-book activities at the farms, such as horse riding?
Usually horse riding can be booked on the spot. Day tours and longer tours must however be booked in advance. Please let us know if we can assist!

Are the accommodations non-smoking?
Yes, all of our accommodations are non-smoking.


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Where can I find prices for accommodation, car rental, excursions and more?
Please see our current prices below.



  Valid 1 June 2015 to 15 September 2015    Valid 16 September 2015 to 30 April 2016  
  for individuals in euros    for individuals in euros  
> get pricelist for Accommodation > get pricelist for accommodation 
> get pricelist for Self-drive tours   > get pricelist for self-drive tours

Note: Prices may change without prior notice in relation to currency fluctuation, inflation, government taxes (including VAT) or any other cost increases that are outside IFH‘s control. IFH furthermore reserves the right to correct any bookings placed at an incorrect price due to error. 

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How can I book accommodation with Icelandic Farm Holidays?
Most of our accommodation can be booked online. If not please fill out our enquiry form located next to each accommodation on the site or send us an e-mail with the following information:

1. Full name of contact person
2. Home address
3. E-mail address
4. Number and names of other travellers in your group if applicable (and ages of any travelling children)
5. Name of accommodation and date(s) you wish to book
5. Type of room(s) (dbl/twin/sgl) and preferred category (I/II/III/IV)


How can I book a self-drive tour with Icelandic Farm Holidays?
Please fill out the enquiry form located next to each self-drive tour on the site or send us an e-mail with the following details:

1. Name of contact person
2. Home address
3. E-mail address
4. Names of other travellers in your group if applicable (and ages of any travelling children)
5. Tour name
6. Tour start date
7. Flight information (arrival time, day and flight number)
8. Type of rooms (private/shared facilities - twin/dbl)
9. Type of car
10. Anything else you think we need to know

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How can I pay for my reservation?
If arrival is within two weeks, payment must be made with a VISA or MASTERCARD credit card (we do not accept AMEX, DINERS CLUB or DEBIT cards).

For reservations made in advance, payment can be made to the following bank account (remember to indicate your reference number which you will receive upon confirmation):

Icelandic Farm Holidays
Sidumuli 2
108 Reykjavík

Beneficiary's Bank: 
Raiffeisenbank Oberallgäu-Süd eG
87527 Sonthofen

ACC.NO: 3253783
Bank code no.: 73369920

Iban: DE 65 7336 9920 0003 2537 83


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Self-catering accommodation


Is there a minimum number of nights required when renting a cottage?
In some cases, a minimum stay of 2-3 nights is required.

Is bed linen included when I rent a cottage?
No, bed linen is not included but you are required to rent bed linen when renting a cottage.

Do I have to clean the cottage upon departure?
Yes, guests are expected to clean the cottage before departure. In some cases, cleaning services are available for an extra fee.

Do the cottages come with fully equipped kitchens? 
All cottages have cooking facilities, a refrigerator and the necessary kitchen utensils and crockery for the registered number of guests. 

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Self-drive tours

What is a door to door airport transfer?
It means that a representative of ours meets you at the airport and then drives you to your hotel or guesthouse in Reykjavik. In many cases this representative also gives you your travel documents.

Is it possible to arrive at any time, day or night?
Yes, the door to door service is available at all times, day or night.

Are the self-drive tours available at all times? 
We can book tours at any time. Some of the tours are available all year round, others are only valid during summer and yet others only during winter. There is one exception however, because many of our hosts go on holiday and close during Christmas and New Year we are sometimes unable to book during that time.

Are family rooms available for self-drive tours?
Several of our accommodations have triple rooms and a some can add an extra bed to the room. In cases where a family consists of 5 people or more we recommend booking 2 dbl rooms and adding an extra bed if the child is under 12 years of age.

Can I add extra nights to a self-drive tour? 
In most cases it is possible to add extra nights to our self-drive tours. We can calculate the price for you and advise about driving distances etc.

Can I modify or change the areas in the itinerary of a certain self-drive tour? 
It is sometimes possible to modify the self-drive tours according to special wishes. If you want to change the areas or extend the tour do not hesitate to contact us for advice and prices.

Where do I receive my vouchers and/or travel documents?
The travel documents are either sent by e-mail as pdf files, by regular mail to your home address or you receive them upon arrival to Iceland, depending on your booking. Be sure to have this thing clear before you depart to Iceland.

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Open voucher system


What is the difference between an open voucher and 'normal' vouchers? 
The open vouchers are for those who do not want to book in advance and wish to have a totally open itinerary. You can buy open vouchers for rooms with shared or private/en-suite bathrooms and for sleeping bag accommodation. When using the open vouchers clients cannot make reservations with more than 24 hours' notice.

The normal vouchers are the ones that you receive after pre-booking an accommodation. You give the hosts the voucher upon your arrival, as payment for your stay.

Can the open vouchers be used at all times of the year?
We do not recommend the use of open vouchers during high season from the middle of June to late August.

Can the open vouchers be used during Christmas, New Year and Easter?
No, the vouchers cannot be used during these holidays.

What happens if I cannot use all the open vouchers I bought? 
We refund 70% of what you paid for the unused open vouchers. 

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Car rental information


Is it possible to pick up the car at the airport?
Yes, it is possible to pick up the rental car at Keflavík International Airport as well as at many domestic airports. However, there is an airport surcharge for picking up rental cars at the airports. And there is also a one-way fee for picking up and dropping off the rental car at different locations.

Can I drop the rental car off at the hotel?
No, in most cases it is not possible to drop off the rental car at the hotels.

Can I add an additional driver? 
Yes, an additional driver can be added for an extra fee.

Is the car rental open at all hours?
The desk at Keflavik International Airport is open in connection with all flights. The other rental locations are open according to business hours.

Is a 4-wheel drive car necessary during summer?
It is not necessary to drive a 4WD unless you are crossing the highlands or using F-marked roads.

Are GPS/Navigator systems available? 
GPS/Navigator systems are included in all of our self-drive tours.

Where can I find your fleet guide (types of cars, number of seats etc.)? 
See our car rental categories here.

What are the car rental terms and conditions?
See our car rental information here.

How to drive in Iceland?
Conditions in Iceland are in many ways unusual and often quite unlike what you may be accustomed to at home. We recommend that you find out about what to expect prior to your journey so you can concentrate on enjoying your holiday in Iceland!
Information on driving in Iceland in several languages.

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Day tours and activities


Can I book excursions, such as snowmobile and super jeep tours through your office?
Yes, you can book all kinds of excursions through us. Check out our day tour selection or e-mail us if you have a particular request for something you cannot find on our website. 
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Information about Iceland


How is the weather?
Iceland is known for its unpredictable weather and the general rule is to be prepared for everything! Summers can be pleasant, with average July temperatures around 13°C. Winters tend to be mild, with the average temperatures around 0°C in Reykjavik. The highlands and the North Coast can be colder due to the arctic winds.
Information on weather in Iceland.


What is the currency in Iceland?
The official currency is the Icelandic krona (ISK). Most major currencies can be exchanged at the airport and in banks and currency exchanges around the country. Visa and MasterCard credit cards are widely accepted.
Exchange rates of the Icelandic krona.
International currency converter

What are road conditions like when driving around the country?  
Road conditions in Iceland vary substantially. Route 1 (the ring road) is mostly paved, but other country roads are often very narrow, steep and unpaved. Those unfamiliar with such conditions often find it difficult to drive on Icelandic roads, especially in winter. We advise all travellers to gain information before heading off and recommend driving a 4WD during winter (October - March).
See current road condition status on The Icelandic Road Administration website.


How to drive in Iceland? 
Conditions in Iceland are in many ways unusual and often quite unlike what you may be accustomed to at home. We recommend that you find out about what to expect prior to your journey so you can concentrate on enjoying your holiday in Iceland!
Information on driving in Iceland in several languages.


What time of the year is the busiest with tourists?
The summer months, June, July and August, are the most popular time to visit Iceland with the midnight sun and the highlands being open. However, spring and autumn can be very nice as well for a countryside break. In winter you can enjoy cosy dark nights and see the northern lights if you are lucky.

When is sunrise and sunset in Iceland?
See information on sunrise and sunset in Iceland.

What are the northern lights and when can you see them?
In Iceland, the northern lights can typically be seen between September and March. They are caused by solar wind - electrically charged particles that the sun sends across the solar system. The particles interact with the Earth’s atmosphere, causing energy in the form of visible light. In Norse mythology, northern lights were believed to be the reflections of the shields of the Valkyries racing across the sky on their way to their resting place, Valhalla. 

Please note that the northern lights are a natural phenomenon and sightings can never be guaranteed. Chances of viewing them depend on favourable conditions – dark, clear night skies give the best chances. It is therefore a good idea to stay for a number of consecutive nights in a countryside location to maximise chances of viewing them.
Check the Iceland northern lights forecast prior to or during your trip.

Head over to our blog for more tips on when to visit Iceland and things to do!

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