Sustainable tourism

By choosing Hey Iceland you are supporting local business and making a positive contribution to rural communities in Iceland.

Hey Iceland is certified by Vakinn

Icelandic Farm Holidays er certified by VAKINN as Travel Service        Icelandic Farm Holidays er certified by VAKINN as Environmental Gold-class

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Our sustainability policy

Waterfall in Iceland Hosts at Icelandic farm holidays accommodation

While it is no secret that international travel presents significant environmental challenges we recognise our responsibility in being part of the solution. We are continuously improving our performance in co-operation with our office staff, our members all around Iceland and other partners.

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Staff recycle organic waste 
Staff recycle organic waste

As an Vakinn certified organisation and as part of our sustainability policy, we are constantly taking steps to reduce our environmental footprint.  



Tips for responsible travel in Iceland

Birds in Reykjavík

Make your holiday count! We encourage responsible travel in rural areas allowing our guests to get closer to nature, culture and wildlife. Below are our top green tips to make your Iceland trip more eco-friendly and rewarding at the same time.

    • Look for environmentally certified companies and products
    • Consider travelling outside the summer months
    • Reduce your carbon footprint by walking, cycling or using public transport when available
    • Respect the often fragile natural landscape and wildlife of Iceland, stay on marked trails and do not drive off-road
    • Stay for longer at smaller locally owned accommodation in remoter rural areas
    • Buy local food and handicrafts, many of our members offer local produce
    • Do not litter and recycle as much as possible
    • Carry a reusable container to fill up on fresh Icelandic spring water straight from the tap
    • Be aware of hot and cold water areas, in cold water areas hot water has to be used more sparsely than in areas where geothermal water is plentiful
    • When staying two nights or more at one place, please notice if there is a sign asking you to hang the towel on the rack if you wish to use it again
    • Our members have good knowledge about the local area, do not hesitate to ask if you are curious to know more about the area or local culture
    • Do volunteer work during your stay, for example through the SEEDS programme
    • Provide feedback and tell us about your experience. We welcome suggestions on how we can do better