Elfin Horse Riding Tour (2 hours) | Eldhestar - South

Elfin Horse Riding Tour (2 hours) | Eldhestar - South

Icelanders have a long standing relationship with their invisible neighbours, the elves and 'hidden people' of Icelandic nature. Road plans have been changed in order to not disturb the elves and some people decorate their gardens with little elf houses. On this tour from Eldhestar riding centre we see some places reputedly populated by these special creatures. We pass the small cleft Álfakví and the old sheep's house that cannot be removed without serious consequences, among other places related to this strong surviving folklore. On our way to the elfin hill, Einbúi, we also experience good tölt paths. Daily departures all year.

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Eldhestar, Hveragerði


  • 1.5-2 hours horse riding
  • Light lunch
  • Safety helmets
  • Rain gear
  • During the winter months: Winter overalls, gloves, rubber boots
  • Transfer from and to hotels/guesthouses in Reykjavík


  • Elves, do you see them?
  • The Icelandic horse
  • Tölt
  • Mythical countryside

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