Hvammsvík Natural Hot Springs

Hvammsvík Natural Hot Springs

At Hvammsvík Hot Springs you are immersed in a perfect fusion of geothermal water, flowing from Hvammsvík very own source 1400 meters underground, with seawater straight from the Atlantic ocean. The steady stream of this unique blend of water, between pools, over their edges and back into the ocean, ensures optimum water quality and cleanliness. 

Hvammsvík offers eight natural hot springs of varying temperatures, a steam cave and outdoor relaxation areas. There are brand new facilities yet inspired by history of Hvammsvik that dates back to the 12th century. You can even try out the outdoor changing facilities where you will shower under the open sky.

An exploration of Hvammsvík Hot Springs will leave you both relaxed and invigorated. After a soak in the Hot Springs we recommend you try some delicious, light dishes inspired by our surroundings at our bistro. Come immerse yourself in unfiltered Icelandic nature, only 45 minutes from Reykjavík city center.

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  • Recharge, naturally! 
  • Pure, Salty and Good
  • In harmony with nature
  • A place in History


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Guests are encouraged to bring their own swimsuits, towels and wading shoes as they prefer. All can be rented on site if required.


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