1238 The Battle of Iceland - Admission to Exhibition | Saudárkrókur - North

1238 The Battle of Iceland - Admission to Exhibition | Saudárkrókur - North

Let this immersive exhibition take you back to the times of Icelandic sagas, from clashes of powerful family clans and civil war to the battle of Örlygsstaðir in northern Iceland, that led to the end of Iceland’s independence. As part of the artful installation, the Virtual Reality technology brings scenes to life and allows you to journey to the heart of the battles that have shaped Skagafjörður’s and Iceland’s history. Why just learn about Iceland’s most famous battles when you can actually live them! Available all year round.

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1238 The Battle of Iceland is in the town Sauðárkrókur in Skagafjörður, North Iceland, where a few Viking battles have taken place.

Please note:

  • Stroller / pram accessible
  • Wheelchair accessible


  • Enjoy a highly interactive and educative exhibition
  • Place yourself inside the experience thanks to VR technology
  • Make history fun for everyone
  • Learn about the largest and most famous battles in Icelandic history


  • Admission to Exhibition
  • Virtual Reality Experience
  • Wi-Fi


  • Family Pack
  • Refreshments and local food available at the cosy Grána Bistro on-site

Please bring

  • Your inner Viking!
  • Your best sword!

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