Birth of Spring - Living with locals | Wilderness Center - East

Birth of Spring - Living with locals | Wilderness Center - East

Experience authentic Icelandic springtime. Take an active part in this magical season of rejuvenation with a local farmer. The Wilderness Center is an authentic and peaceful hideaway, located right by the edge of Northern Europe’s biggest wilderness. English speaking guided tour for 4 days, departures in May. 

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  • Go fishing with local farmers in nearby lakes
  • Scout out for reindeer and their newborns
  • Visit old turf stables and participate in the lambing season. Literally witnessing the birth of spring
  • Collect eggs from the Pink-footed geese on the riverbanks
  • Hike up to the third highest waterfall in Iceland, Hengifoss,128 meters high. It is surrounded by basaltic
  • Strata with thin, red layers of clay between the basaltic layers. A great place to learn about geology
  • Sleep in the past in the unique surrounding of the Icelandic Wilderness Center
  • Get surprised at the creative exhibition about the wilderness, created by artists
  • Get to know the Icelandic horse, riding through the amazing landscape
  • Tow yourself across the glacier river in a traditional cable box
  • Experience fresh Icelandic local food
  • Make use of the hiking trails around the Center, play with the local dogs or just enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in the old renovated buildings
  • Relax, enjoy great food and experience the midnight sun
  • Visit the black beaches around the Húsey farm. See seals rest on the riverbanks and see many different species of birds
  • At the local harbour, the puffins and kittiwakes will pose for your camera
  • The village at Borgarfjörður Eystri is surrounded by mountains in all shapes and colours


  • Pick up from Egilsstaðir Airport
  • Fully guided tour
  • All food included
  • Accommodation at the Wilderness Center
  • Fee to museums and exhibitions
  • Drop off at Egilsstaðir Airport
  • NOTE: Flight between Reykjavík and Egilsstaðir NOT included.

Please bring

  • Warm clothes
  • Rain gear (can also be arranged on request)
  • Boots or hiking shoes
  • Camera


Day 1 | Pick up at Egilsstaðir Airport, visit the sheep stable for lambing season, adventure exhibition

Right from the pickup we do easy hike up by beautiful canyons to Hengifoss Waterfall, with its interesting and visual geology. After the hike we make a short stop to view the exhibition at Vatnajökull National Park, visitors centre. We arrive at the Wilderness Center to have lunch, check in and get familiar with our new home for the next days.

After lunch, we join the farmers at the sheep stable. It is lively there now since it is a lambing season.

Next, we get a guided tour through the adventure exhibition, getting a taste of the history and adventures of the highlands.

Dinner (local food) will be served in the cosy and authentic environment at the Wilderness Center. Spiced with local stories.

Day 2 | Fishing for trout, collect eggs, check on the newborn lambs

We start the day by getting spoiled with both Icelandic and International breakfast. Next, we go fishing for trout with local farmers, laying nets and enjoying the nature. At lunch traditional lunch pack is served on open fire.

We investigate Pink-footed geese nests by the river, collect eggs and learning about these interesting birds and how they are connected with the Highland life in the old days.

Now it is time to check the trout nets and handle the fish.

We arrive back at the Wilderness Center for dinner, and those who like can check on the newborn lambs in the stables.

Day 3 | Scouting for wild reindeer, Icelandic turf house visit, horse back riding

After breakfast, we go scouting for wild reindeer and get to know these animals and their history. Don´t forget your cameras!

After lunch, we visit traditional Icelandic turf houses. Some of them are still used for sheep farming.

In the afternoon guests can choose to ride Icelandic horses or bike to the Cablebox. The Cablebox was used in the old days to cross the glacier river. It has been rebuild so those who dare can try out this special transport. At the same spot, we take a look at the abandoned farm that holds many interest and fun stories.

Now the group prepares with the local chief - dishes with Icelandic specialities. Follow by a food feast, local music and singing in the authentic common room area.

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Day 4 | Tour to Húsey and Borgarfjörður Eystri

After delicious breakfast, we pack our things and take a tour to Húsey. A unique place by the ocean, with black beaches, seals with their young ones. The birdlife is vibrant around the farm, especially at this season.

After lunch, we visit Borgarfjörður Eystri, a home to puffins, elves and lonely mountains.

At 19:00 we have to be back at Egilsstaðir Airport to fly back to Reykjavik.


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