Safety first!

Safety first!

11.02.2016 | Bryndís Pjetursdóttir

Good preparation is a key for successful travel!

Iceland is steadfastly becoming a force to reckon with as a popular tourist destination, according to Tourism-Review, CNN, Lonely Planet, Business Insider UK and Telegraph! While we believe that there is nothing quite like experiencing the Icelandic countryside on a dark winter day we feel the need to warn about the dangers of Iceland.

Remember, nature is unpredictable so be careful!

Don’t put yourself or others at risk, read warning signs carefully, respect warning notices and stay on marked paths. Check out which is the official website of the Icelandic Association for Search & Rescue (ICE-SAR). At the web you can fill out your travel plan so ICE-SAR knows where you are in case something happens while you are on your trip. There is also an app to download that can be used for added safety during your trip.

Too close to the shore.JPG

It is an amazing experience to stand on the beach and listening to the ocean bash against the shore. However, the surf is unpredictable and it can come in very quickly with strong sea currents that can be life threatening and carry you out to sea if you are standing too close to the shore.


Iceland is a volcanic island where hot springs, fumaroles and mud-pools are a part of its nature. Be careful on geothermally active areas and don’t go too close to the hot springs, fumaroles and mud-pools, since they can be boiling hot and cause severe burns. Moreover, the vapor from the geothermal areas dampens the surrounding ground which can be slippery, especially during winter when the water freezes. 


Magnificent waterfalls of various sizes can be found all over the country. The drizzle from the waterfalls can make the ground slippery and during winter it is likely to freeze, causing icing on the ground. It is important that you stay on marked paths and don’t go too close to the edge.

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Be smart, stay safe! 

Iceland is incredibly beautiful and it is magical to drive in the Icelandic countryside and experience the quietness and otherworldly landscape. Don‘t forget to have fun, come well prepared and pay attention to the weather, particularly when travelling during winter, and check the weather forecast and road conditions before starting the day. There is a lot to explore and enjoy so be smart, stay safe and if you need help planning your trip – we are here to assist!

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