Hello 2016!

Hello 2016!

14.01.2016 | Bryndís Pjetursdóttir

We hope that 2015 brought you health, happiness, and travel! Thank you for reading our blog and for choosing Hey Iceland to help plan your visit to Iceland. 

Another year has passed and we greet 2016 with excitement! The possibilities seem endless as Iceland is steadfastly becoming a force to reckon with as a popular tourist destination, according to Tourism-Review, CNN, Lonely Planet, Business Insider UK and Telegraph!

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More than 1 million tourists visited Iceland in 2015, a 30% increase from 2014, and is likely to increase in coming years as more airlines add Iceland to their flight route. Furthermore, Icelandic airlines continue to expand as well so there are plenty opportunities for direct flights to Iceland in 2016. Summer continues to be the most popular time to visit. However over the last few years, there has been a steady increase in winter tourism and Christmas and New Year were especially popular this year. The upside of growing tourism in Iceland is that there are more businesses active/open all year round and more foreign revenue. The downside is that there is concern that the most popular tourist attractions are becoming too crowded during summer.

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Thus, our goal at Hey Iceland is to show you that our beautiful island is full of natural wonders far away from the hub of the city. Iceland is a country of sharp contrasts of sprawling glaciers, erupting volcanoes, steaming geysers, drifting icebergs, black lava beaches and rugged coastline. Whether you are interested in the beautiful but mysterious aurora of the Northern Lights or endless summer days, there is something for all! 

There is no better way to experience Iceland than in the vast countryside, which we specialise in, so don‘t miss out on a unique and off the beaten track experience!

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We recommend for winter season:

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We promise that you will be spoiled by the countryside quietness and beauty and return home re-energized to take on your daily life with memories that last a lifetime. 

Your adventure awaits! Contact us and we will create your dream vacation!

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