A photographer travels the Westfjords

A photographer travels the Westfjords

05.02.2013 | María Reynisdóttir

Photographer in IcelandBritish photographer Nick Miners visited the Westfjords with Hey Iceland some time ago, resulting in a beautiful series of photographs and poetic descriptions of destinations, neatly presented on the blog Stuck in Iceland.

As an example, here is what Nick had to say about farm Kirkjuból in Steingrímsfjörður: "Piles of driftwood, carried from who-knows-where to these northern waters, littered the coastline. And as had been the case all the while we had been on the road, the sounds of curlew, snipe, oystercatcher and arctic terns pierced the bitter sub-arctic air. I was able to practice a little of my rudimentary Icelandic with our hostess, who showed us to a well-equipped basement flat in her farmhouse. We wandered across the road to take in the crisp air and watch the oystercatchers and terns darting across the water."

Read the complete article and see Nick's recommendations on the Stuck in Iceland blog.

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