Stay in a cottage or at the campsite at farm Ártún. This welcoming farm, guarded by the mountains that overlook the eastern shore of Eyjafjörður fjord, is centrally located in North Iceland and a 30-km drive from bustling town Akureyri (18.5 mi). Birdlife is varied here, and the area is ideal for hikes over mountains, along heaths and through valleys. There is a popular ski area close by. You can easily go on day tours to the neighbouring regions, such as to Lake Mývatn and town Húsavík, famous for whale watching. Open all year.  

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  • Cottage
  • Wi-Fi
  • Golf course nearby
  • Walking / Hiking trails
  • Camping site

In the area

  • Laufás 1 km (folk museum in an old turf farm)
  • Horse riding 4 km
  • Golf 7 km
  • Grenivík village 8 km
  • Akureyri 30 km
  • Swimming pool in Grenivík and Akureyri


Two cottages, Bennahús and Bjálki, which are located next to the farmer's house. Bennahús is a two bedroom cottage with a kitchenette and veranda. One bedroom has a double bed and the other a single bed and a bunk bed. Bjálki is a one bedroom cottage with a kitchenette and a veranda. A double bed in the bedroom and a bunk bed and sofa bed in the common area. 

Spacious campsite during summertime with electricity, basic cooking facilities, WC and showers.


Ártún is a self catering accommodation but at the farm is a common space/dining area that guests have access to. Liquor license. There is a small shop in village Grenivík (8 km / 5 mi) that sells most necessities. For larger shops and supermarkets, head to town Akureyri (30 km / 18.5 mi).

Service and recreation

You can find many good places for birdwatching during summer, and there is also a great variety of hiking routes to explore. Your hosts are more than willing to tell you more about the hikes and trails that hold most interest. The Laufás district museum is only 2 km away (1.2 mi). For riding tours, head to Pólarhestar in Grýtubakki (4 km / 2.5 mi). There is a nine-hole par 34 golf course in Hvammur (7 km / 4.5 mi) and there’s a swimming pool in village Grenivík (8 km / 5 mi). There is an outdoor and ski area in Kaldbakur (where Kaldbaksferðir depart; 8 km / 5 mi). The nearest village is Grenivík, and the nearest town is Akureyri – Iceland’s largest town outside the capital area.

Hikes for all

Ártún is a good place for anyone interested in outdoor activities and nature hikes, and you can wander over mountains and moors, along the coast’s cliffs or through welcoming valleys. Try some of the interesting routes up mountain Kaldbakur (1,167 m / 3,828 ft.), and if you’d like more of a stroll than a climb, head to cape Þengilhöfði. A little south of village Grenivík, this 260-metre cape (853 ft.) is a good option for hikes of low to moderate endurance. You can also try out mountain Laufáshnjúkur (662 m / 2,171 ft.). It’s a relatively easy climb, but the final stretch requires some skill and is quite steep. It’s worth it – the view from the top over the whole fjord is quite extraordinary.

Fnjóskadalur – Vaglaskógur – rural tranquillity

A little way east, a highway passes Ártún and goes on through a narrow valley to Fnjóskadalur valley, a welcoming countryside where you can visit Iceland’s largest birch forest, Vaglaskógur (27 km / 16 mi). It’s a very popular outdoor area that the whole family will enjoy. A calm side road off the main highway to Fnjóskadalur will take you north along the fjord and to the mountains. The road, named Flateyjardalsheiði, is often overlooked but offers a wonderful perspective of the north Iceland landscapes. This road used to be the only link to secluded villages that have long since been abandoned. Tour operator Fjörðungar that operates from village Grenivík specialises in summer hiking tours to this secluded area that last a few days. Your guides will transport your backpacks so you can enjoy nature with a light heart and no burdens.

The Kaldbakur winter paradise

Mountain Kaldbakur is the highest peak in north Eyafjörður, where you can see far and wide on a bright day in either summer or winter. Gaining more popularity in the last few years, this area has a lot to offer when it comes to winter sports and activities. Locals claim this slope is the longest and most fun slope in Iceland and it’s a great place for skiers, snowmobilers, snowboarders and hikers. Between January and May you can book a tour by snow cat up the slope if conditions allow (minimum number of bookings: 10) and tours depart three times a day. The tour lasts about 45 minutes, with a 15-minute-stop on the peak. You can then choose between descending by snow cat or strapping on your skis and flying down with the wind. 

Hosts:  Benedikt and Kristín 


In the area

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