A farm stay at farm Skútustaðir by the southern shore of Lake Mývatn, centrally located in a region in northeast Iceland where natural gems can be found at every turn. Rooms in a private apartment on the upper floor of the farmer’s house, in a country cottage that sleeps four (open all year), or in a separate house close to the main building (open from May 1st to October 1st). Unique hiking routes by the farm. A good location for those who intend to tour the magical Mývatn area. Open from 5 January to 30 November.

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  • Shared bathroom (Cat.I)
  • Private bathroom (Cat.III)
  • Family rooms 3+
  • Cottage
  • Working farm
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Cooking facilities
  • Laundry facilities
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Walking / Hiking trails

In the area

  • Lake Mývatn
  • Dimmuborgir  11 km
  • Reykjahlíð village 15 km
  • Bird Museum 16 km
  • Nature Baths 18 km
  • Krafla volcano crater 30 km
  • Goðafoss waterfall 38 km
  • Whale watching from Húsavík 65 km
  • Dettifoss waterfall 83 km
  • Akureyri 88 km


Open year-round:
Six rooms (12 beds) in a private apartment with a private entrance on the upper floor of the farmer’s house. A shared bathroom, access to a small kitchen, and a bright and welcoming sitting / dining room with a TV. Free Wi-Fi. Laundry facilities.
A 60-m2 country cottage (646 ft2) for four people with two bedrooms and a loft, a well-equipped kitchen and a sitting / dining room.

Open from 1 May to 1 October:
Five double / twin rooms with a private entrance and en-suite bathrooms in a separate building just by the main house. Guests have access to a sitting / dining room and cooking facilities in the private farmhouse apartment.


Breakfast is included in the price of rooms (not the cottage price). There’s a restaurant and bar at Sel – Hótel Mývatn at Skútustaðir within easy walking distance. The restaurants Kaffi Borgir in Dimmuborgir (11 km / 7 mi) and restaurant Myllan (open for dinner) at Hotel Reynihlíð (15 km / 9 mi) are both close by and can be recommended. There’s a small supermarket in Reykjahlíð (15 km / 9 mi).

Service and recreation

There’s a tourism information centre and booking service at Mývatnsstofa in Reykjahlíð (15 km / 9 mi). For riding tours, head to Safari Hestar Horse Rental by Álftagerði (600 m / 0.3 mi). Hike & Bike offer biking and hiking tours (15 km / 9 mi). You can also join guided tours that depart from Reykjahlíð to Askja, Ásbyrgi, Jökulsárgljúfur and Dettifoss. Jeep tours and snowmobile tours. Birdwatching. Sigurgeir’s Bird Museum at farm Ytri Neslönd (16 km / 10 mi). Crafts for sale at Mývatnsmarkaður in Dimmuborgir (11 km / 7 mi) and in Dyngjan in Reykjahlíð. There’s a nine-hole golf course close to Reykjahlíð, as well as a swimming pool. Don’t miss the Mývatn Nature Baths (36-40°C / 96.8-104°F), 18 km / 11 mi away. The nearest village with shops, restaurants and various services is Reykjahlíð (15 km / 9 mi along route 848) and the nearest town is Húsavík, where you’ll find supermarkets and various tourism services, like whale watching tours (65 km / 40.5 mi).

Welcome to the Mývatnssveit region

This region boasts of some of the most beautiful, unique and varied landscapes in the northern hemisphere, and is one of Iceland’s more popular attractions in both summer and winter. You’ll enter into a magical world, formed by volcanic activity for tens of thousands of years – a world where Nature is still creating. All who pass through are welcome, but locals would like to remind guests to show Nature the respect she’s due and heed the biosphere’s delicate balance.

Natural gems, hikes, birdwatching

If you’re visiting Mývatnssveit, there is a whole host of gems not to be missed. Make sure you visit the equally beautiful (and equally unpronounceable) Dimmuborgir, Hverfjall, Grjótagjá, Skútustaðagígar, Kálfastrandarland, Lofthellir, Leirhnjúkur, Krafla and Hverarönd by Námafjall – all true natural masterpieces that are sure to inspire you. Routes and trails to these attractions are well marked, no matter whether you plan to enjoy the remarkable landscapes and natural creations, or study the varied flora and fauna. Your hosts at Skútustaðir are more than ready to tell you what you want to know about the region, and you can also visit the tourism information centre Mývatnsstofa in Reykjahlíð.

Skútustaðir – Skútustaðagígar

There has been a farm at Skútustaðir since the 10th century and it even plays a role in one of Iceland’s Sagas. During the mid 19th century, the farm became a vicarage and with time, a small village took form with a community centre, shop, and the region’s school that has now been converted into a hotel. At the neighbouring Skútustaðir 2 farm, where the guesthouse is located, farmers keep cattle and sheep. One of the region’s most beautiful gems, Skútustaðagígar – a row of pseudo-craters – is just south of the road and continues out on to a small spit of land extending into the lake Mývatn itself north of the road. There’s a marked trail along the crater row and around the pond.

Hosts: Ásta and Björn


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