Accommodation in summer cottages at farm Signýjarstaðir in the Hálsasveit region in Southwest Iceland’s Borgarfjörður. Signýjarstaðir is a traditional farm and short distance away from many of the region’s most popular attractions. Located in grown and welcoming farmlands, the barren and intriguing highlands are but a short drive away, where carved mountains and mysterious glaciers captivate the mind. Open all year. 

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  • Cottage
  • Working farm
  • Hot tub
  • Cooking facilities
  • TV in rooms
  • Golf course nearby

In the area

  • Restaurant 7 km
  • Glacier trips
  • Golf 8 km
  • Hraunfossar 13 km
  • Deildartunguhver hot spring 14 km
  • Húsafell 15 km
  • Borgarnes 48 km


Accommodation in two summer cottages. The larger cottage (Hrísmóar 5) is 48 m2 (516 ft2) and has two bedrooms (double bed in one bedroom and twin beds in the other one). Also a loft that sleeps four.  Bathroom, well-equipped kitchen, and a small sitting room with a TV. BBQ and a hot tub.  The smaller cottage (Hrísmóar 4) is 22m2 (236 ft2), with one double room and a loft that sleeps up to four. Bathroom and kitchen with all necessary equipment, small sitting room with TV. The patio has a BBQ and a hot tub.


Guests prepare all meals. The nearest restaurants and diners are located at Nes (8 km / 5 mi) and in village Kleppjárnsreykir (14 km / 8.5 mi), at Húsafell (15 km / 9.3 mi) and in Fossatún (25 km / 15.5. mi).

Service and recreation

Fishing permits in Hvítá (trout fishing). Goose hunting. Hikes in and around Húsafell, and further afield in Borgarfjörður. Tours to glacier Langjökull on specially modified jeeps or snowmobiles. Guided caving tours depart from Fljótstunga (20 km /12.5 mi). Horse rental at Giljar in Hálsasveit (12 km / 7.5 mi). The goat farm at Háafell welcomes visitors (19 km / 12 mi). The Troll Garden at Fossatún is a lovely park and playground for the whole family (25 km / 15.5 mi). Golf courses at Húsafell (15 km / 9 mi) and at Nes in Reykholtsdalur (8 km / 5 mi). The nearest swimming pool is in village Kleppjárnsreykir (14 km / 9 mi) and at Húsafell (15 km / 9.3 mi). The nearest town with shops, supermarkets, restaurants, diners, museums, a pool and various tourism services is Borgarnes (48 km / 30 mi).

Hraunfossar waterfall, Húsafell, and caving

Signýjarstaðir stand on the northern hills between Reykholtsdalur valley and the neighbouring valley, where glacial river Hvítá flows from the highlands and through the region. About 13 km (8 mi) east of the farm is the beautiful Hraunfossar waterfall, from where it only takes a few minutes to drive to the beautiful Húsafell area, a popular tourist stop in a lovely and unique setting by the western edge of the highlands. The highland lava fields are home to many famous lava caves and during the summer season, you can book hour-long guided tours to Iceland’s largest lava cave, Víðgelmir. Tours depart from Fljótstunga (12 km / 7.5 mi).

History and culture at Reykholt

At Reykholtsdalur, the next valley south from Signýjarstaðir, guests can marvel at Europe’s most voluminous hot spring, Deildartunguhver (13 km / 8 mi). The centre and museum Snorrastofa at Reykholt (13 km / 8 mi) pays homage to the Middle Ages and Iceland’s most famous scholar and author, Snorri Sturluson (1179-1241). Here you will also find a hot pool, named after Snorri, which he allegedly frequented. The pool has been kept well and is still easily accessible.

The Settlement Centre, Norðurárdalur valley and Snæfellsnes peninsula

Signýjarstaðir is a good base for touring in and beyond the region. The Settlement Centre in town Borgarnes has a permanent exhibition on Iceland’s settlement in the 9th and 10th centuries, as well as an exhibition on the life of poet and Viking Egill Skallagrímsson, the hero of one of Iceland’s famous Sagas, Egil’s Saga. Norðurárdalur valley, by lake Hreðavatn, and Bifröst, are all ideal places of exploration for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The Snæfellsjökull National Park is about 165 km /102 mi) away.

Hosts:  Svandís og Páll


In the area

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