The hosts at Dæli have been welcoming guests since 1988. The location of the bed and breakfast is in Víðidalur Valley, a flourishing farming community in Northwest Iceland, is perfect for stopovers for travellers heading North and South or for longer stays to enjoy the many interesting sights and outdoor activities that the area has to offer. 

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  • Private bathroom
  • Working farm
  • Wi-Fi
  • Hot tub
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Facilities for disabled
  • Fishing/Hunting

In the area

  • Kolugljúfur canyon 5 km
  • Hvammstangi village 24 km
  • The Icelandic Seal Center 24 km
  • Swimming pool 24 km
  • Hvítserkur rock 33 km


16 rooms with private/en-suite bathrooms; four triple rooms, one has facilities for the disabled, and 12 double/twin rooms. 

Country pub

Kaffi Sveitó, a cosy licensed country pub/café, offers meals and light refreshments. 

Activities for all ages

Fishing permits for two neighbourhood lakes are available. There is a small playground for children and a fun minigolf course for both young and old; clubs available to rent. Hot tub and sauna access for a small fee. The nearest swimming pool and convenience shop is at Hvammstangi (24 km) and the nearest golf course is at Blönduós (41 km).

Hiking in the footsteps of trolls

A marked trail (1-1.5km) leads from Dæli to a waterfall with a natural stone arch bridge. A 5 km path leads to Koluglúfur, a spectacular canyon through which Víðidalsá, one of the best salmon rivers in Iceland, flows. Kolufossar falls are also located here. Legend has it that a local giantess, Kola, dug out the gorge and made it her abode.

A date with common seals

A short drive from Dæli leads to a crossroads from where a 90 km long road takes you around Vatnsnes, a high peninsula between Húnafjörður fjord to the east and Miðfjörður fjord to the west. Here you find one of Iceland‘s largest and most accessible breeding grounds of common seals. You can observe the animals reasonably close and catch great photographs of them in their natural habitat. There are good seal watching facilities at farms Illugastaðir, Svalbarði and Ósar. More information on seals is available at the Seal Center in  Hvammstangi village.

Natural attractions

Two wonders of nature can be found just off the Vatnsnes Ring Road; Borgarvirki and Hvítserkur, the latter a huge, free-standing surf-beaten rock a few metres out in the water. Children will enjoy the short walk from the road down to the beach to view the rock. It is also ideal to take a drive over to the next valley, Vatnsdalur, to view for example the unique Vatnsdalshólar hills.

  Kristinn Rúnar and family


In the area

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