A cosy farm stay in the green and flourishing Víðidalur community in Northwest Iceland. The area is surrounded by Icelandic Saga sites, beautiful nature and friendly animals. The host is a traditional farmer, breeding sheep and horses, and guests can participate in work at the farm. Horse rental at the farm during summer. Open all year. 

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  • Apartment
  • Working farm
  • Wi-Fi
  • Hot tub
  • Bar
  • Cooking facilities

In the area

  • Kolugljúfur canyon 7 km
  • Borgarvirki 15 km
  • Hvammstangi village 22 km
  • The Icelandic Seal Center 22 km
  • Hvítserkur 31 km


Apartment with private entrance in the farmhouse. Three bedrooms for up to 7 pers. (1x double room, 1x twin room and 1 triple room). Wi-Fi and TV in all bedrooms and in the living room. 


At the farm Dæli (2.3 km) you will find Café Sveitó, a nice country pub/café where you can buy meals and snacks. Close by you will find a few restaurants like the hostelry at Víðigerði, Sjávarborg restaurant in Hvammstangi and the seafood restaurant Geitafell in Vatnsnes. The closest supermarket is in Hvammstangi (22 km).

Service and recreation

At Stóra-Ásgeirsá you have the rare opportunity to get an insight into the day-to-day life of Icelandic farmers and get to know the Icelandic farm animals at the petting zoo. After a day of exploring the area you can unwind and relax in a wonderful hot tub that is located next to a roaring waterfall. The farm offers horse rental and in the area, you will find beautiful hiking routes, lake fishing, seal spotting, boat tours and many different sightseeing opportunities. The closest golf course is by the village Blönduós (39 km) and the closest village offering shops, swimming pool, and common services is Hvammstangi (22 km).

The farmer Magnús Ásgeir at Stóra-Ásgeirsá regularly organizes smaller concerts in the Dairy House ("Mjólkurhúsið"), which is connected to the stables. The Dairy House has a liquor licence. 

The Icelandic horse

The farmers at Stóra-Ásgeirsá are horse breeders who have bred many great riding horses, who have gained national fame. They offer both short and long riding tours. In the shorter tours you will ride down the fields and along Víðidalsá river, one of the best-known salmon rivers in Iceland.

Icelandic trolls

From the closest farm, Dæli (2.3 km) you will find a marked walking path (1-1.5 km) to a waterfall that has a stone bridge called Steinbogi. A fun 7 km walking or driving distance to Kolugljúfur canyon where Víðidalsá runs through a deep gorge. A legend says that a giantess called Kola had dug the canyon and settled down there. Within the canyon you will find Kolufossar, a beautiful row of waterfalls tumbling along the canyon.

Seal spotting

In Vatnsnes, a mountainous peninsula between Húnafjörður and Miðfjörður, you will find the biggest and most accessible seal colony in Iceland. There you can get close to speckled seals and photograph them in their natural environment. Facilities for seal spotting have been built in three locations on the peninsula and in the Seal Center in Hvammstangi you can learn more about seals and seal hunting. Seal spotting tours are offered from Hvammstangi.

Interesting places in the neighbourhood

Along the road around Vatnsnes (90 km long) you will find two natural wonders: Borgarvirki, a columnar basalt fortress where remains have been found from the first ages of Icelandic settlement and Hvítserkur, a peculiar and waterworn 15 m basalt sea stack. The next valley is also well worth a visit. It is called Vatnsdalur and there you will find Vatnsdalshólar, a cluster of hills of all sizes, and then you can drive around the valley, which is stunningly beautiful and friendly on warm summer days.

Host: Magnús Ásgeir


In the area

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