Silva Holiday Homes

Silva Holiday Homes

Bright and cosy summer cottages and apartment in the heart of Eyjafjarðarsveit, at Syðra-Laugaland on the eastern bank of Eyjafjarðarár river, 14 km / 9 mi from downtown Akureyri. Magnificent views over the lush countryside beneath the blue mountaintops. There's lots to enjoy – experience Icelandic country life and nature whether you visit in summer or winter. Ideal for families. Open all year.

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  • Cottage
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cooking facilities
  • Golf course nearby
  • Charging station
  • Walking / Hiking trails
  • Northern lights service

In the area

  • Swimming pool 2 km (Hrafnagil)
  • Christmas Garden 3 km
  • Kaffi Kú, coffee house 4 km 
  • Golf 5 km (Þverá)
  • Dyngjan Art Gallery 8 km
  • Holtselsís, locally produced ice cream 9 km
  • Horse rental 9 km
  • Akureyri 14 km
  • Museum of Small Exhibitis 17 km
  • Hlíðarfjall skiing area 22 km
  • The Old Turf House at Laufás 38 km


Two 3-person cottages, one 4-person cottage and one 7-person apartment. Each 3-person cottage has one bedroom with two made-up beds, a wardrobe, a bathroom with a shower, a spacious lounge area with a flat-screen TV, a sofa bed, and another bed that can be separated with a partition. The kitchenettes have a stovetop, a fridge, a microwave, a toaster, a coffee maker and an electric kettle. Cribs are also available. All floors are heated. There's also a large patio with outdoor furniture and a shared hot tub for guests staying at the cottages.

The third cottage measures 40 sqm and has two bedrooms, one with a double bed and one with bunk beds. Bathroom with shower, living room with TV and a sofa bed. Spacious kitchenette with a stovetop, a frindge, a microwave, a toaster, a coffee maker and an electric kettle. Cribs are also available. The cottage has wall generators. There's also a large patio with outdoor furniture and a shared hot tub.

The 7-person apartment is on the second floor at Syðra-Laugarland Efra. Three bedrooms of different sizes. A double room and a triple room with an entrance to a smaller double room. Ideal for families or friends. Large living room with two extra beds and two sofa beds. Dining table, TV and sitting area. Fully equipped kitchen with a stove, dish washer, microwave, fridge and freezer. One bathroom with a bathtub with shower. Veranda. 


Breakfast is not included but is available if booked in advance. Reception is open from 15:00-23:00. There are several cafés and other dining spots in the surrounding area, for example Lamb-Inn at Öngulsstaðir (3 km / 1.86 mi) and Kaffi Kú located in the loft area above the cow barn at Garður farm (4 km / 2.5 mi). Akureyri also has a wide variety of restaurants and shops.

Services and recreation

There are hiking trails in the near surroundings and up into the mountains on the eastern side of Eyjafjörður. There's a good swimming pool in walking distance, by the Hrafnagil school on the western side of the river (2.5 km / 1.6 mi). Golf course at Þverá (3 km / 1.86 mi). Kátur Horse Rental at Uppsalir (2 km / 1.24 mi), close to the intersection on the way to Akureyri. Christmas garden at Hrafnagil (2 km / 1.24 mi). Museums, swimming pools, shops and a wide range of tourist services in Akureyri (14 km / 9 mi). Skiing area on Hlíðarfjall mountain overlooking Akureyri.

Northern Lights at your doorstep!

Iceland is one of the best places in the world to see the Northen Lights. On clear, crisp winter nights in Iceland, you can experience the Aurora dancing magically across the sky. Seeing the Northern Lights would be the cherry on top on top of your winter trip in Iceland. You can maximise your chances of seeing the Northern Lights by staying at a Northern Lights friendly accommodation. Being Northern Lights friendly means they offer some extra services in regards to the Northern Lights. We offer an optional wake-up call if we spot the Northern Lights and our guest can enjoy hot chocolate and baked goods while marveling at the Auroras.

Glorious summers and beautiful winters in the lush countryside

Eyjafjarðarsveit, about 60 km / 37 mi from the bottom of the fjord valley, is one of the most productive farming areas in Iceland. There are many things for tourists to do both in summer and in winter. The property is well situated in the countryside and is a good option for anyone who wants to experience Icelandic nature and daily life in this area, just a short distance from Akureyri, the 'Capital of the North'.

Round trip around the countryside

From Syðra-Laugaland, you can take an interesting trip around the countryside ahead of the eastern side of the Möðruvellir church site, from there over a bridge over Eyjafjarðar river, and then along the western side of the region. It's also well worth taking a detour into Leyningshólar, located further into Eyjafjörður, an area with a natural birch forest, a cultivated forest, walkways, hillocks and sheltered glens.

Day tours along the coast and beyond

For those who want to venture out on day tours around the surrounding towns, it's wonderful to drive along the western side of the fjord, stop by Möðruvellir in Hörgárdalur, and then continue on to Svarfaðardalur valley. It is also wonderful to experience the unique tranquility of the village on Hrísey island; take the ferry there from Litli-Ársskógssandur, stroll around the island and enjoy the birdlife and views to the mainland. Outwards from the eastern side of the fjord (26 km / 16 mi from the bottom of the fjord) is a regional museum in Laufás, a stately turf farmstead with an interior typical of a country chieftain's home from around 1900 (open during the summer months). It is about 92 km / 57 mi from Silva to the herring-fishing town of Siglufjörður, and about 115 km / 71 mi to lake Mývatn.


In the area

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