Geothermal Baths and Spa Krauma | Deildartunguhver - West

Geothermal Baths and Spa Krauma | Deildartunguhver - West

Treat yourself and take advantage of the natural healing powers of these geothermal baths fed by Europe’s most powerful hot springs, Deildartunguhver, and cooled down by the glacier Ok. Head straight to one of the four hot tubs and steam baths, sunbathe in the shallow pool, or conquer the cold bath whose temperature averages 5°C-8°C, for a truly invigorating experience. Under the northern lights or around the crackling firepit, what’s your pick? Taste traditional dishes made of the freshest ingredients at the local restaurant, while enjoying spectacular views over the surroundings. Available all year round.

Operated by: Krauma

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Geothermal Baths in Deildartunguhver, West Iceland


  • Enjoy Nature at its core
  • Soak in natural geothermal baths
  • Visit Europe’s most powerful hot spring
  • Peaceful getaway in the countryside


  • Entrance to the Geothermal Baths

Please bring

  • Swimming suit
  • Towel
  • Camera


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