Iceland: It's Wild and It's Wonderful for Feeling Really Alive

Iceland: It's Wild and It's Wonderful for Feeling Really Alive

27.01.2020 | Lella Erludóttir

Since the settlement of Iceland sometime around 870 (it is being debated when exactly) its wild nature has been the central element of all human life on the island. Think about it, it is not just the wild and unpredictable weather but also nature, rough seas, strong currents, barren wilderness, waterfalls and rivers, glaciers, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. And not to mention the snow for which Icelanders have at least 58 words to describe... oh and at least 112 words to describe the wind!

Just look at a few examples for how to describe snow: Brýla, brækja, dumba, móða, móska, mugga, skodda, sorti, mjöll, nýsnævi, hjarn, skari, áfreða, brota, ísskel, fastalæsingur, kafsnjór, kafald. It really is a slow travel experience if you want to take all the nature-linked cultural elements in.

So, it should not come as a surprise that Iceland is wild. But how does the wilderness, and the wild elements of Iceland make you feel? Does it have an effect? Yes, we believe so. And not just on the red-blooded adventure types but everyone who wants to escape the routine of everyday life. For those the bounty is plentiful. Let‘s see why.

Floating in an Icelandic hot spring

1. You will experience something new

We must own up to it, modern life is full of routine. We sleep, eat, work, eat, sleep – the core elements of every day for most of us. Of course, we do other things as well but to break up the routine we take vacations. And for vacations to work they must disrupt our routine be exciting us with something new. It is the stimulus our brain needs. And oh boy can you be easily stimulated in wild Icelandic nature. Such an environment pushes you mentally and physically and the result is the joy of feeling really alive. Real-world problems disappear when you undertake outdoor activities.

2. Go beyond your comfort zone

It is basically something you need to do to stimulate yourself, just as with new experiences they must also be on a level different from what you normally do. If you live in an area where nature is mild and most days uneventful then the exact opposite is to face the wild elements of nature. Think about facing a view you never imagined yourself to be facing and you get the picture the adventurous activities.

3. Pursuing your dream destination and exploring the world

Think about the things you have always wanted to do and what happens when you actually do them. You are revitalized, almost reborn and ready for everything life may chuck in your direction. Travelling to a place that disrupts your routine is a well-known transformative experience. And when you plan ahead and explore the different seasons of Iceland you may find that all of them offers something unique and an epic trip. The offseason might even be in!
There are so many utterly picture-perfect destinations in Iceland that can make you feel alive and with expert advice, they are easy to explore. A sneak peek into our most popular packages gives a glimpse of rural and elemental experiences that will ensure new experiences that are out of the comfort zone of the daily routine but, and that is the key, worth pursuing as a bucket-list dream holiday.

Don't forget that they Hey Iceland team of local experts is here to help you plan your dream trip to Iceland. We know Iceland inside out and we customise your itinerary so it fits your needs and expectations. Contact us now!

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I am a born and bred Icelander and the matriarch of an above-average sized family. I have a true passion for travel and love to discover new destinations and cultures. I want to introduce you to the real Iceland, the beauty, the history, and the things that will make you fall deeply in love with my homeland.

Lella Erludóttir

Lella Erludóttir

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