4 Idyllic Hey Iceland Trips for Less than 500 EUR

4 Idyllic Hey Iceland Trips for Less than 500 EUR

14.01.2020 | Lella Erludóttir

On a daily commute to work, we tend to daydream a little bit. We start planning our escapes for the year on our way to work and gradually we form an idea of ​​what it is we need to do for us this year. One may even have several bucket-list destinations that range anywhere from the culturally exotic to the Caribbean must see, but any such list usually includes something adventurous and off the beaten track. So where should you look for such an escape?

Few realized Iceland is among the most accessible of such destinations that make for the best storytelling. The reason? Iceland's rural countryside, wildland and national parks are only a short drive away from the capital of Reykjavík. Imagine this: You land in Iceland and an hour later you reach Reykjavík and from there you only have to drive for about thirty minutes and you are already well on your way to an epic overland journey with unusual waterfalls, cute villages, picture- perfect nature and friendly locals.

Here are four idyllic Hey Iceland trips you can book now for less than 500 EUR.

Go Northern Lights Hunting

Northen Lights dancing over a lighthouse

For winter one the most popular trip is the Northern Lights Search . This trip extends along the South Coast and the best time is from October 1 st to the end of April. It offers some time in hip and cool Reykjavik as well as rural discoveries in an Aurora Borealis lodge. For a four-day trip, with three nights at 425 EUR it is a brilliant self-drive tour that makes many of Iceland's wonders accessible with the added bonus of a Northern Lights hunt.

Volcano Trek Through Five Quarter Pass

Trekking the stunning Five Quarter Pass

For summer you get amazing value on a guided  Volcano Trek through the Five Quarter Pass. Yes, try saying that five times in a row really fast! The trek starts at Skogafoss waterfall and there you will encounter a succession of breath-taking views of volcanoes, lava fields, glaciers and other wonders. It is a two-day trip, one-night stay, available from May 1 st until the end of August for only 446 EUR .

Become a farmer for a day

Icelandic farm animals playing

For a truly rural Iceland experience you could try something completely different such as being a farmer for a day - how is that for slow travel to meet the locals kind of thing? You can enjoy the company of the farm animals and experiment with “felfies” - the selfie with a farm animal. Available every year this trip is available for two to three days, one or two nights and it is only 131 EUR .

Bespoke Self-Drive Tours

road trip

Nothing demonstrates the rawness of Iceland’s nature like winter. Iceland in summer and Iceland in winter are two totally different things and what better way is there to experience the Icelandic winter and the raw nature than through the popular Hey Iceland winter self-drive package. We are really talking about customisation here with anywhere from 4 to 16 days of travel with tailormade tours and experiences to rival the most unique your bucket-list can ever offer. From 400 EUR this definitely worth further investigation and, should you want to avoid the Icelandic winter weather you can do this next summer instead for an entirely different experience.

Remember Hey Iceland is a team of experienced Iceland travel experts and we offer unique insights and experiences for any kind of adventure.

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I am a born and bred Icelander and the matriarch of an above-average sized family. I have a true passion for travel and love to discover new destinations and cultures. I want to introduce you to the real Iceland, the beauty, the history, and the things that will make you fall deeply in love with my homeland.

Lella Erludóttir

Lella Erludóttir

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