5 Cultural Activities to do in Reykjavík with Kids

5 Cultural Activities to do in Reykjavík with Kids

18.10.2019 | Kaelene Spence

If you are in Iceland for a family holiday you will probably be spending a day or two in Reykjavík with kids. Reykjavík is a small and very accessible city with lots of cultural activities for kids of all ages. Why not take a day to explore Iceland's history, some fun museums and main landmarks?

There truly is an activity for all interests and ages in Reykjavik. To help kick start your planning for your time in the city here are just 5 cultural activities that are great for families to do in Reykjavik.

The view from Hallgrímskirkja tower

1. Take a Guided Walking Tour

If your family is a group that enjoys learning fun facts about the cities you are visiting a walking tour is a great activity for you to do in Reykjavik. This walking tour will take you all over the city over a two hour period during which you will learn all kinds of fun facts and history about Iceland and the settlement of Reykjavik. 
A great way to combine education and fun, all while getting better acquainted with the city at the same time!

Reykjavík walking tour

2. Visit the Wonderful Harpa

One of the most interesting structures in the city, the Harpa's glass facade is a sight to be seen!

By day Harpa sparkles with reflecting light, and by night Harpa is lit up with dancing lights. Harpa is the city’s concert hall, so if you are looking for any cultural events to take the family to while in Reykjavik be sure to check the calendar of events at Harpa.

The glass facade of Harpa

Just a short wander around the building will make for a fun adventure for your family! Everyone in the group will get a kick out of taking pictures in the reflections of the unique glass architecture, and the views over the water and the city are a sight to be seen!

3. Visit the Nordic House

A cultural center for all things, you guessed it, Nordic, the Nordic House is a great place to take the kids on a rainy day. Here you will find a beautiful building full of books in the Nordic languages, a cafe that overlooks a pond with a great view of the city, outdoor walking trails, and a children’s library area.

Nordic House library
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In the children’s library you will find books in the Nordic languages, arts and crafts, large building blocks for the kids to play with, and fun structures for them to explore. Every few months a new children’s exhibit is installed that your children will love checking out. The Nordic House is a great place to go for some (free!) family fun.

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4. Relax at the Reykjavik Library

When visiting Iceland it is a good idea to have a few locations to head to for some indoor fun, and the Reykjavik library in downtown is one such location. At the library you will find a large children’s section with a great selection of English books to enjoy, as well as puzzles and other toys for your little ones to play with. The library not only has great views overlooking the water, there is also a floor that has different exhibitions on display for the public to enjoy. A great place to spend a few relaxing hours while keeping the children entertained.

Reykjavík library
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5. Visit Perlan

While wandering around Reykjavik you will likely notice a large glass-domed building atop a hillside overlooking the city. This unique building is Perlan and is one of the most distinctive landmarks in Reykjavik.

The Perlan museum
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At Perlan you will find several exhibitions, such as Wonders of Iceland, that will have the whole family learning more about the Icelandic nature in a fun and interactive way. Enjoy the amazing views over Reykjavik from the observation deck, and take a stroll through the forest that surrounds Perlan. There is a lot to do and see at Perlan so make sure to add it to your list for your family trip to Reykjavik!

As we said, Reykjavik may be a small city but it has plenty of fun to offer for the entire family! Head over to this blog post for more ideas and tips on activities to do with your family in Iceland.

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