Top Reasons to Honeymoon in Iceland

Top Reasons to Honeymoon in Iceland

08.02.2019 | Camille Beuvard

Congratulations! The wedding vows were exchanged, you had the most magical times with your loved ones and the eventful journey of wedding planning is over. It is high time to celebrate your status of newlyweds and treat the two of you to a memorable honeymoon. Where to ? Tropical island and white sandy beaches ? No... not quite so.

There is a perfect honeymoon destination for every type of couple and for adventure-loving couples, the truly difficult part is deciding what challenge to take up in the first place. If you are seeking a honeymoon with a difference, that encompasses stunning natural sites, scenic winding roads, and vibrant wildlife, then Iceland is calling your name !



Newlyweds in Iceland

Newlyweds in Iceland

Iceland might not be the first honeymoon destination to come to mind, it may not have the beaches of Bora-Bora or the Seychelles, but bundling up is nothing of a chore when you are in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, in the best company ! Inexpensive flights to Iceland have lured couples from around the globe in search of a romantic getaway, and for good reasons. Vast and rugged landscapes lie within easy reach including waterfalls, black sand beaches, fjords, glaciers, rhyolite mountains, lava caves… There is something to enjoy for everyone!


Sunset viewed from Sun Voyager in Reykjavik

Couple traveling Iceland

You’re married! Like most couples, you probably spent more time with your guests than with your new spouse during the wedding, so it’s time to give yourselves private moments and celebrate together. A date night in the city seems to be the perfect start as Reykjavik is teeming with opportunities for experiences you can’t get anywhere else. Feel the calm of Tjörnin pond to the sound of swans and geese, stroll the colourful streets of Reykjavik and admire its street art scene, listen to hauntingly beautiful live music, and sample delicious local delicacies at one of the city’s cosiest restaurants. Even if you stay in the vicinity of Reykjavik, it does not take a long drive to reach lunar scenery and soon you will be soaking in warm geothermal waters drinking cocktails in the Blue Lagoon. 


The Highlands of Iceland

Couple exploring the colourful mountains of Landmannalaugar in Iceland

No wonder why Iceland is often referred to as land of ice and fire, as every corner of the country reflects its natural duality. Visiting Iceland means you will get to tackle some of the biggest glaciers of Europe, be awestruck by the ephemeral ice caves, sail across glacier lagoons with icebergs in sight all around, or hop on an exhilarating dogsledding trip. This also means you will experience the Earth power at its core, with geological and volcanic activity witnessed in many places, from smoking lava fields and geothermal bubbling and hissing fields, to the relentless geyser, whose word finds its origins in the now sleeping Geysir.


Kirkjufell Mountain in West Iceland

Snow-capped mountains bathed in the sun

It is not often that you are given the opportunity to enjoy phenomena from the high latitudes, phenomena that you want to experience with no one else more than with your partner ! If you plan to visit in the winter time (from mid-September to early April), you might be greeted by northern lights, sometimes straight from the plane window ! In Summer time, you can make the most of your trip, by enjoying up to 24 hours of daylight : that leaves plenty of opportunities for barbecues and late night talks on the (black sand then) beach… Likewise, how many times in your life do you get to step on the Arctic Circle ? Sail to Grímsey island, and receive a certificate stating that you two have crossed the Arctic Circle, so you can brag about it!


Seljavallalaug in South Iceland

Nothing says "relaxation" quite like a bath into the wild. No matter the period of your visit, one of the most enjoyable things on a honeymoon in Iceland is undoubtedly the hot springs. Swimming and bathing have been a part of Iceland's DNA since the settlement era, and there certainly is no shortage of geothermally heated swimming pools and natural hot springs to choose from. Check out our Top 20 Hot Springs and Swimming Pools in Iceland and just picture yourself being there ! Adventurous honeymoons certainly come with a lot of excitement but we never said there was no space for romance into the mix ;)


Couple on a roadtrip in Iceland

Exploring Icelandic highlands

Security and comfort help to live a relationship serenely. But discovering each other in a whole different context can nourish the relationship, by creating situations you would have never encountered otherwise. Back home, would you have ever thought of riding a horse with your half, or changing a tire in the middle of a gravel road ? Likewise, would you have ever considered eating rotten shark (yes, that’s a thing) or climbing a volcano ? Try new and fun things together makes you discover one another under a new way and completely shakes up the relationship. For the good !


Cabin in the Westfjords

Icelandic Horses

Although your trip is most likely to be organized around visiting several attractions – and we have plenty to recommend, at the end, what you will remember the most will be the unexpected things that happened along the trip and the encounters you’ve made. Leave space for spontaneity and you will live the most meaningful experiences, those that make the trip so memorable and unique. A good idea would be to visit Iceland off-season to get the full local culture without the overwhelming crowds ! And then come back the next years to celebrate your anniversary !


So, what's not to love about Iceland as a honeymoon destination ? It is the promise of an unforgettable experience. Although the length of an average honeymoon is 8 days, Iceland can easily keep you busy longer... Couples looking to embrace their inner explorers can hop on a road trip around Iceland. Take inspiration from our self-drive tours below and get in touch with our team!


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