14 Tips for a Hassle-Free Holiday in Iceland

14 Tips for a Hassle-Free Holiday in Iceland

23.02.2018 | Lella Erludóttir

Iceland, being touted as one of the most expensive holiday destinations across the world is not deemed fit for backpacking or a trip with kids. However, as we walk you through the post you will certainly end up understanding that you can make the most of your holiday in Iceland – and that too – without having to shell out a fortune for the same--- just by following a few tips. So, do make sure that you are reading this post.

1. Zero in on the right time

Yes – the weather indeed is an important factor which you need to consider while you are in the process of planning your trip to Iceland. The time thus zeroed in on will actually go on to make a huge difference in how you actually end up experiencing the country in the first place. Mid-October to mid-April is the time when the country experiences winter. If you are planning a trip sometime during December then do be prepared to experience darker hours. It’s less than 6 hours of daylight during this time. In March, however, the country experiences up to 12 hours of daylight.

During the winters, however, you do have the scope to behold the stunning landscape wrapped in snow and of course – the very tempting northern lights.

2. Explore it alone!

Firstly, you are not really required to bear anyone else’s expenses in that case (we have already told you that Iceland is expensive). And, then you have the freedom to explore the country completely on your own! One of the best things about the country though it’s an expensive holiday destination is the fact that there is a string of natural wonders that are absolutely free to visit!

3. Target the Fall and Spring

If the winters in Iceland are all about beholding those northern lights, in the spring and fall it’s actually about exploring more places because of longer days. Fall and spring are known as the shoulder months with less snow than winters and higher chances of the roads remaining fully accessible. Be prepared for greener landscapes as well.

4. Free activities

Do know for a fact that there actually are a number of free activities to take advantage of. We have already indicated above that Iceland offers you access to a number of free attractions. So you necessarily don’t have to chide yourself for not being able to afford an expensive jeep safari or interior heli-skiing tour! Places in the gorgeous Rekjanes peninsular, the amazing Golden Circle, the one-in-a-million experience of watching the sunset from the lighthouse or driving through the lava fields—there is actually no dearth of tips to promise yourself a fuss-free holiday in Iceland.

5. Look for good Agents

There are a lot of them working around downtown Reykjavik and the staff at Hey Iceland are more than happy to share their knowledge. With them by your side, it will not really be difficult for you to explore the place alone …if that’s your crime!

6. Know the place well

Hassle-free travel is not only about avoiding mishaps during the trip but it’s also about not missing out on the best places. As you conduct thorough research, you will inevitably come across names of places Lake Myvatn (take a dip there), Akureyri (recommended for whale watching) and glacial lakes at Jokulsarlon.

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7. Resort to prudent shopping

Once again only when you are researching well will you actually be able to avoid the hassle of spending up more unnecessarily. There are discount supermarkets that offer you cheap local food. So there is no need to buy expensive imported products.

8. Do not miss out on Skaftafell at any cost!

Towards the southeastern part lies Vatnajökull National Park which has its protected area known as Skaftafell. The proverbial Alpine landscape features an eclectic mix of volcanoes, glaciers, wilderness, and waterfalls.

9. Find out if you can access Duty-Free on Arrival feature or not

Once again—do this in order to save substantially. Let us tell you that by doing this you will earn yourself access to substantial allowances from local stores. Do keep track of the happy hours as well!

10. Consider self-driving as well

Travelling around like this offers you the freedom to reschedule programs as per weather and be a little flexible with your travel plans –i.e. you can make last-minute changes that would have been difficult had you hired a driver.

11. Plan well ahead

Right from the weather to the discounts to the attractions – you should acknowledge by now that you do have a lot of research to conduct before you are actually stepping foot on this stunning landscape. The key to keep your travel goals on track is to plan ahead instead of resorting to hasty last-minute planning!

12. Your stay

How long you will stay there will, of course, depend on a combination of factors including your budget and itinerary. Before you become too busy jotting down the number of days of stay, let us tell you that besides the main attractions, there are smaller attractions nearby Reykjavik that can bowl you over as well.

13. Go for camping in summer

This will offer you two-fold benefits. You can see the Reykjavik attractions within your budget. Additionally, you will have the memorable experience of camping right at the heart of Iceland.

14. Don’t forget bus passports as well

A bus passport is what you buy in the country which will offer you access to sight-seeing bus companies that actually provide transport facilities to cover different parts of the country during different durations.

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