Flights to Iceland: Airlines Flying Direct from 75 Cities

Flights to Iceland: Airlines Flying Direct from 75 Cities

18.08.2017 | Lella Erludóttir

Editor's note: Due to the popularity of this article, we have updated the information as of August 2019.

Iceland is a popular destination, and for good reason. Wild and rugged nature, easily accessible natural attractions and unique experiences make Iceland a great add on to your bucket list. You will be able to fly directly to Iceland from 75 different origins this fall. Check if your city is on the list and book the trip of a lifetime!

Whether you decided on a short stop over or a longer visit, we are here to assist and will find you a cozy accommodation in the Icelandic countryside within our vast network of over 170 accommodations or help you find a self-drive tour that fit your needs. We can accommodate to all sorts of travel styles and different interest. It doesn't matter if you are an adventure seeker, a nature lover, a slow traveller, family, senior citizen or a romantic couple. We know how to make your Iceland experience a truly unique one.

International Airlines with Direct Flights to Iceland in 2019

  • Air Baltic
  • Air Canada
  • American Airlines
  • Austrian Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Czech Airlines
  • Delta
  • EasyJet
  • Finnair
  • Germanwings
  • Iberia Express
  • Icelandair
  • Jet2
  • KLM
  • Lufthansa
  • Norwegian
  • Primera Air
  • SAS
  • TUI Airways
  • Transavia
  • United Airlines
  • Vueling
  • Wizz Air

Direct flights to Iceland

Here is a list of countries and cities where you can fly directly to Iceland:

City of origin Airline and flights

Aberdeen, Scotland

Icelandair 2-4 flights/week

Alicante, Spain

Norwegian 2 flights/week, Primera Air 2 flights/week

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Icelandair 2 flights/day

Anchorage, USA

Icelandair two flights/day until Sept 27th

Barcelona, Spain 

Norwegian 2-3 flights/week,  Vueling 1-3 flights/week

Basel, Switzerland

easyJet 2 flights/week

Belfast, N-Ireland

easyJet 2 flights/week. Icelandair 2 flights/week

Bergen, Norway

Icelandair 2-7 flights/week until mid-October and Norwegian 2 flights/week until the end of October

Berlin, Germany

Airberlin 2-7 flights/week

Billund, Denmark

Icelandair 3-4 flights/week

Birmingham, England

Icelandair 3-4 flights/week

Boston, USA

Icelandair up to 3 flights/day

Bremen, Germany

Germania 2 flights/week until October 15th

Bristol, England

EasyJet 2 flights/week until September 24th

Brussels, Belgium

Icelandair almost daily

Budapest, Hungary

Wizz Air 2 flights/week

Chicago, USA

Icelandair daily

Copenhagen, Denmark

Icelandair several flights daily. SAS daily

Denver, USA

Icelandair 7-9 flights/week

Dresden, Germany

Germania 2 flights/week until October 15th

Dublin, Ireland

Icelandair 5-9 flights/week

Düsseldorf, Germany

Airberlin until end of September

Edinborough, Scotland

easyJet 2-3 flights/week

Edmonton, Canada

Icelandair daily

Frankfurt, Germany

Icelandair daily. Lufthansa 3-4 flights/week

Friedrichshafen Germany

Germania 2 flights/week until October 15th

Gdansk, Poland

Wizz Air 2 flights/week

Genf, Switzerland

easyJet 2-3 flights/week and Icelandair 2-5 flights/week until the end of October

Glasgow, Scotland

Icelandair daily

Gothenburg, Sweden

Icelandair 2-5 flights/week until the end of September

Halifax, Canada

Icelandair 3 flights/week until October 16th

Hamburg, Germany

Icelandair 4-6 flights/week

Helsinki, Finland

Icelandair almost daily and Finnair 

Katowice, Poland

Wizz Air 2 flights/week

Kulusuk, Greenland

Air Iceland Connect daily from Reykjavík Domestic Airport

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Weekly chartered flights with Úrval-Útsýn

London, England

British Airways daily to Heathrow. easyJet to Gatwick, Luton and Stansted, Icelandair 3 flights/day toþ Heathrow and Gatwick.

Madrid, Spain

Iberia Express 3 flights/week until September 27th. Icelandair 2 flights/week until September 16th

Málaga, Spain

Primera Air weekly until October 22nd

Manchester, England

easyJet 2-6 flights/week. Icelandair 4-5 flights/week

Minneapolis, USA

Icelandair daily and Delta until September 5th

Montreal, Canada

Icelandair 4 flights/week until October 16th. Air Canada 3 flights/week until October 9th

München, Germany

Icelandair daily

Narsarsuaq, Greenland

Air Iceland Connect up to 4 flights/week from Reykjavík Domestic Airport until September 30th

New York, USA

Delta and Icelandair daily. 

Nurnberg, Germany

Germania 2 flights/week until October 15th

Nuuk, Greenland

Air Iceland Connect 2-3 flights/week from Reykjavík Domestic Airport

Orlando, USA

Icelandair 3-5 flights/daily

Oslo, Norway

Icelandair up to 3 flights/day, SAS daily and Norwegian 3 flights/week

Paris, France

Icelandair up to 3 flights/day

Philadelphia, USA

Icelandair 4 flights/week until end of September

Portland, USA

Icelandair 3-6 flights/week

Prague, Czech Republic

Czech Airlines until September 30th and Wizz Air all year

Riga, Latvia

Wizz Air 2 flights/week and AirBaltic until September 30th

Seattle, USA

Icelandair 7-12 flights/week

Stavanger, Norway

Icelandair until October 16th

Stockholm, Sweden

Icelandair 1-3 flights/day

Tampa, USA

Icelandair 3 flights/day

Toronto, Canada

Icelandair up to 2 flights/day, WOW 5-7 flights/week and AirCanada 4 flights/week until October 8th

Torshavn, Faroe Islands

Atlantic Airways and Air Iceland Connect from Reykjavík Domestic Airport

Trondheim, Norway

Icelandair until October 16th

Trieste, Italy

Primera Air weekly until September 19th

Vancouver, Canada

Icelandair 2-3 flights/week

Warsaw, Poland

Wizz Air 2 flights/week

Vilnius, Lithuania

Wizz Air 2 flights/week

Washington, USA

Icelandair 1-2 flights/day

Wroclaw, Poland

Wizz Air 2 flights/week 

Zürich, Switzerland

Icelandair daily


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