Tried and Tested: Singing in the Rain

Tried and Tested: Singing in the Rain

10.07.2017 | Lísa Jóhanna Ævarsdóttir

At summer solstices the whole day and night are bright. The sun shines all day and evening, that is if it doesn't hide behind the clouds which it did this June's solstices. That does not stop us from enjoying the outside even though rain and wind are added to the cloudy day. As the Icelandic classic song says “Mér finnst rigningin góð” or “I like the rain”.

Horse riding tour Iceland

Two of Hey Icelanders had the opportunity to enjoy the weather with Eldhestar wondering around the slopes around Hveragerði riding Icelandic horses. The tour Horses & Hot Springs started in Reykjavík with a small bus pick-up. After arriving at Eldhestar we got to meet our guide Védís who showed us where we could get the rain gear to protect our clothes from getting soaked and a helmet.

After getting ready it was time to get out in the “lovely” weather and meeting our horses for the ride. Fjölnir was a lovely horse, an old one who was very spirited and fast paced. Þráður was a red horse and a bit slow paced until we were on our way home, they always like to go home :)

Icelandic horse

We were a group of five riding with Védís, our guide, which was great group size.
Védís guided us on dirt pathways through fields, forest and hot spring area so the scenery was diverse. We even crossed a river!

Iceland horse summer

When we turned to get back home the horses got very lively and needed much less motivation to go on.

After the ride, we were very happy, satisfied and smiling in spite of an autumn-like weather. It’s not always sunny in paradise!

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