West Iceland: Things to do

West Iceland: Things to do

24.04.2017 | Lella Erludóttir

You have your Iceland ticket in hand and have made the very wise choice to explore the western part of the country. You are excited to experience the beautiful landscapes, history and culture. You have probably set your mind on shooting a stunning picture of Kirkjufell mountain and mapped out some of the popular instagrammable places in West Iceland. But what more is there to do in the region?

Don’t you fret or fuss, because we’ve got you covered.
We offer a selection of tours and activities in the area, and here just a few of our favourites.

Vatnshellir Cave Tour

Explore Vatnshellir Cave on a guided tour that takes you up to 200 meters into the cave and 35 meters below the surface. You will follow the path of a lava flow in one of Iceland's most easily accessible lava tubes that were formed almost 8000 years ago. On the tour, you will get to know the basics of the formation of the cave and the geology of the area. Even though the cave is fairly accessible, you need to be reasonably fit to walk in the cave.

Journey Into the Glacier

Journey into the glacier.jpg
Embark on an exciting journey into the world´s largest man-made ice cave! A once in a lifetime adventure, this tour takes you around, onto and into the second largest glacier in Europe, Langjökull in West Iceland. Ride in a monster truck to the unique 550 m/1,800 ft long man-made ice tunnel and caves, located high on the glacier. Enter another world, admire the crevasses and the stunning blue ice which has taken hundreds of years to develop. The tour departs from the glacier edge. Shuttle service available from Húsafell.

Farm Visit with a Treat

Farm visit with a treat.jpg
Come meet the locals and gain first-hand experience of Icelandic farm life. Bjarteyjarsandur is a working farm with sheep, free range pigs and hens. During the visit it is possible to be fully or partly involved in the farm work, depending on the season. Or simply pet the rabbits and the friendly dogs and enjoy the mountain view. Have a taste of the farm's produce, listen to Icelandic folk music played by the locals and watch a short educational video from the farm.

Viking Sushi Adventure Boat Tour

Viking sushi.jpg
Cruise amongst the numerous islands of Breiðafjörður Bay, see the seabirds flying all around and even get close to the cliffs where they nest and rest. From late April until mid-August hundreds of puffins can be seen on and around these islands. Other birds commonly seen on this tour are eider ducks, shags, kittiwakes, fulmars and even the majestic white-tailed eagle. During the tour, we stop to taste some scallops and sea urchin roe as fresh as it gets - straight from the sea!

Sea Kayaking

sea kayak.jpg
A sea kayaking trip where you paddle on the serene and beautiful Hvalfjörður fjord or the historic Lake Þingvallavatn. Hvalfjörður fjord is a deep fjord framed by mountains that stretch from the sea up to more than 1,000 metres. Lake Þingvallavatn is Iceland's largest natural lake, partially located within Iceland's oldest national park. We paddle along the coast and enjoy the magnificent views taking to shore to relax in the quiet Icelandic countryside.

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Lella Erludóttir

Lella Erludóttir

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