What to See, Eat and Do when Visiting Iceland!

What to See, Eat and Do when Visiting Iceland!

03.05.2016 | Bryndís Pjetursdóttir

We found another article by Wendy Altschuler, writer, editor, and adventurer, about her visit to Iceland in collaboration with Icelandair. The article lists fun facts about Iceland and mentions Efstidalur II again which she wrote about in her last article and voted as the best place to stop for a quick bite!

Icelandic Farm Holidays accommodation Efstidalur II

Efstidalur II is one of Icelandic Farm Holidays vast network of accommodations, but we have over 170 carefully selected bed and breakfasts, country hotels, self-catering cottages and apartments and traditional farms in scenic locations around Iceland.

According to Wendy at Efstidalur „...you can spend the night, ride horses, eat house made ice cream, pet baby calves and sip a ‎cappuccino with ‎coffee art while watching the dairy cows in the barn!“ .

For tips for your trip to Iceland chek out Wendy‘s article about Iceland What to See, Eat and Do When Visiting!

 Photo by Wendy Altschuler

Photo: Wendy Altschuler

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