Photo and Video Contest Winners 2015

Photo and Video Contest Winners 2015

01.10.2015 | Bryndís Pjetursdóttir

We are happy to announce our winners of the Hey Iceland 2015 Photo and Video Contest.

Congratulations Sebastian, Jean Paul, Marco and Chien!

We received a record number of entries or around 1,500 amazing photos that capture countless amazing moments during your vacation with Hey Iceland. The winners will receive gorgeous prizes from the Icelandic design label Farmers Market plus a selection of various Icelandic treats! Thank you for participating and we wish you continued happy travels!

Best photo 2015: Sebastian Drews, Northern lights in Höfn
Sebastian Drews Northern Lights in Höfn


Best photo 2nd place: Jean Paul Denotte, Seal in Vatnsnes
Jean Paul Denotte, Seal in Vatnsnes


Best photo 3rd place: Marco Bartolinii, Lómagnúpur
Marco Bartolinii, Lómagnúpur


Best video 2015: Chien Chang Huang, Iceland

Our photo contest will continue in 2016. If you plan to travel with us this winter or next summer or have photos or videos from an older trip with us, then we are always ready to accept entries (email: marketing[at] We encourage you to stay tuned and participate! See photo contest rules here.

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