Iceland the most peaceful country

Iceland the most peaceful country

08.07.2013 | María Reynisdóttir
Iceland the most peaceful countryIf you are looking for a peaceful and secure holiday, then Iceland is your best bet. At least according to the annual Global Peace Index compiled by the Institute for Economics and Peace, whose report names Iceland as the most peacful country in the world.

The insititute determined the peacefulness of 162 countries using a series of 22 indicators to gauge on-going domestic and international conflict, safety and security in society, and militarisation, among other factors.

Iceland secured its first place for the second time running with its low defense costs, low number of murders, strong welfare system and use of renewable geothermal energy among other factors.

Denmark and New Zealand tied for second place on the list while, Afghanistan was been deemed the least peaceful country.

Read the full report here. (PDF link)

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