Looking for your ancestors in Iceland? We can help!

Looking for your ancestors in Iceland? We can help!

13.05.2013 | María Reynisdóttir

Looking for your ancestors in Iceland?Most people who emigrated from Iceland to North America in the 19th century lived and worked in rural areas. Rural Iceland is our speciality and whether you choose to focus on one or two areas of your ancestors or do a full tour of Iceland with only a short stay in those areas, we can help plan your visit from start to finish including accommodation, rental car and activities.

Contact us with your information, search and book accommodation online or join one of our scheduled Heritage Tours accompanied by a local guide with good knowledge of the emigration, offering valuable insights into nature, history, culture and folklore. We can also tailor-make itineraries for groups of family or friends.

Tips for finding your ancestors
We recommend starting your preparation early. Look for the names of your ancestors, where they left from, which year and the name of their farm or district. We will then forward the information to genealogy experts who specialize in emigration from Iceland and the planning of your dream visit to Iceland can begin!

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