A good year for northern lights

A good year for northern lights

22.01.2013 | María Reynisdóttir

Northern lights in IcelandAccording to scientists, 2013 is at the top of a particularly strong 11-year solar cycle resulting in the most spectacular northern lights over Iceland for more than 50 years.

Northern lights (aurora borealis) are caused by solar wind - electrically charged particles that the sun sends across the solar system. The particles interact with the Earth’s atmosphere, causing energy in the form of visible light. The sun is now throwing off a lot more solar particles than normally, causing the unusually high levels of northern lights.

In Iceland, the northern lights can typically be seen between September and March. The best place to see this beautiful natural phenomenon is in the countryside, far away from city lights. We offer a selection of northern lights tours around Iceland including accommodation, guided excursions and fun activities.

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Pictured: Northern lights at farm Skjaldarvík, North Iceland.

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