Take Part in the Annual Sheep Round-Up

Take Part in the Annual Sheep Round-Up

28.08.2012 | María Reynisdóttir

Sheep round-upExperience a unique event in Iceland's countryside by joining our sheep round-up tour 13th-16th September!

The sheep round-up or "réttir" takes place in September all over the country. The Icelandic sheep roam freely out in nature all summer. After the summer season, the farmers head out on horseback to find the sheep which are then gathered into a fold where they are sorted according to the farms they belong to.
Not only the farmers participate, but also people from the city and elsewhere who like to get away from their daily routines to experience some country action and nurture their Icelandic roots in this special tradition.  

Our sheep round-up tour includes 3 nights' accommodation including breakfast and dinner at farms Dalbær, Hotel Gullfoss and Efstidalur, 4 days car rental and a road map.

Find out more about the sheep round-up tour.

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